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    36 Really Cool Products To Check Out Right Now

    Including an indoor fireplace for s'mores, socks for people who love Friends, and a rocking chair that isn't creepy.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A clay, fondant, and cookie cutter because your green thumb has grown in the same fashion that your ZZ plant has: in other words, not at all. Give crafts and cakes a ~flowery~ upgrade via this easy-to-use baking tool. No one will suspect it's Toll House.

    flower shaped cookies next to purple cookie cutters
    BobbisCutters / Etsy

    Get a set of two from Bobbis Cutters on Etsy for $6.50+.

    2. A Taiyaki double pan for whipping up decadent fish-shaped waffles guaranteed to make your mouth water; fill 'em with custard, chocolate, cheese, red bean paste, sweet potato, and the extensive list truly goes on. Reviewers recommend Morinaga hotcake mix for the batter!

    Promising review: "Decided to buy it since it costs several dollars for a taiyaki at a sweets shop and in the long run making my own is cheaper, not to mention healthier and more customizable. It is surprisingly light weight and easy to use; the non stick surface makes cleaning a breeze. Batter: there is a basic recipe included, but you can use any premade pancake batter mix (the famous fluffy Japanese brand is the Morinaga pancake mix). You can even use mochiko (glutinous rice flour) to make a mochi shaped a fish! We make our own anko (sweetened red) beans, but you can obviously buy premade ones at any Japanese grocery stores." —Mandy

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    3. A FLIKR fireplace if "backyard fire pit" seems like a reality far removed from the likes of your studio apartment. A dash of rubbing alcohol to ignite the flame turns this into an A+ s'mores station, plus sturdy concrete means it'll *never* tip over...even when you knock your hip against the coffee table on your way up to get water.

    the concrete fireplace
    Bespoke Post

    Get it from Bespoke Post for $90.

    4. A pack of Friends-inspired socks that will be there for you! Until you chuck them into the washing machine, that is. They will probably vanish into thin air after that.

    Promising review: "These socks are awesome. Friends is my favorite show and these socks are are so soft and nicely made." —R. Taylor

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99.

    5. A dreamy button-up dress perfect for anyone who has "star gazing" on their warm weather bucket list. If you live near a city and can only see smog when you look up, presenting a stunning alternative in clothing form.

    model wearing blue and white cloud dress
    Never Fully Dressed

    Get it from Never Fully Dressed for $145 (available in sizes 6-16).

    6. A refillable squeeze toy for anyone who can spend hours scrolling through videos of pimples being popped and blackheads being extracted on Instagram. The word "satisfying" doesn't even begin to cut it.

    This comes with a bottle of refillable pus, lol.

    Promising review: "This was a hit at a white elephant party and several people wanted to know where it was found. Very satisfying if you enjoy that kind of thing a great stress relief." —Patricia Altomari

    Get it from Amazon for $13.98.

    7. A pack of three-layer cleaning sponges that are the ~cats meow~ for removing caked on tomato sauce from expensive pots and pans. Quirky addition to your kitchen sink aside, these are durable without being so abrasive as to scratch the Le Creuset your mother generously gifted you 10 years ago.

    reviewer holding three brown, blue, and white sponges

    Promising review: "They are absolutely the best pot scrubbers around. I use them for my dishes and cleaning and works very good to remove adhesive. Does not scratch my stainless steal and works great on my glass stove top stove. If you do your own family dishes, these are a handy scrubber that won't destroy your fingers!" —Amazon Customer

    Get a set of four from Amazon for $9.99 (available in three colors).

    8. A copy of Wreck This Journal, an easy way to bring yourself back to high school weekend spent cutting up magazine photos and collaging. This book includes several fun activities including, get this, a stain log — ones you'll want to celebrate instead of dousing in white vinegar or club soda.

    Promising review: "I seriously love this journal! It is the most fun I’ve had with any journal or sketchbook and has really stretched my creativity. I bought two so my friend could do one too and she brings it over for our weekly get-togethers. We drink wine and do a page or two and have a blast." —S. Johnson

    Get it from Amazon for $9.59.

    9. A LilyAna Naturals face cream that reaps the benefits of powerhouse ingredients like vitamins C and E, tea tree oil, soybean oil, *and* aloe vera juice. Slather on this lightweight formula for nongreasy hydration and reduced fine lines.

    the cream / Via @lilyannanaturals

    Promising review: "Best Vitamin C face moisturizer that I've tried yet. Been ordering products from this brand for about a year now, and am so excited to see this new product from them. It feels light on the face, blends in nicely and has a surprisingly good smell. I've had products with tea tree oil in them before and the smell is usually off-putting, but not with this vit c cream. I'd highly recommend trying this!" —ESJ123

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    10. An herb and spice grinder – it uses the ~force~ to crush fresh basil, oregano, thyme, and more into seasonings that will upgrade homemade roasted porg from fast food to Michelin star.

    Promising review: "Let's start this review with the grinder part: It works, and seems solid. I'm a little leery of banging the ends into each other to empty it, might ruin the look of it, and tapping it with your finger works if you put some oomph in it. It is a bit smaller than my last grinder, so more grind ups are required, but not a flaw. Bits get stuck in the crevices every now and again, so just something to be aware of and remove, or else you're going to gunk it up. Cleaning will require specialty tools, but so does almost every grinder. The look is neat, looks like a mini death star, and is believable as a just a collectible instead of a random pile of poker chips or a stack of silver dollars hanging out with no obvious purpose. Good deal for price." —Carl Mills

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    11. ...and a Baby Yoda night-light for folks like me who can't even brave the dark, let alone a fallen Jedi who wears a scary mask and claims to be everyone's father.

    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    Promising review: "So cute. Not very big, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s nice for a little night light that you can sit on a night table or desk or anywhere in a bedroom, etc. Gives off quite a good amount of light but not overpowering. Has two brightness settings... just need to tap the bottom with your hand to adjust brightness. I love it." —LoyalAmazonCustomer

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    12. A low-impact Brrrn board that can be slid under your sofa when not in use and can be paired with a corresponding on-demand workout subscription. Who is ready to sweat with equipment that doesn't take up three-quarters of their studio apartment?!

    the same model using their brrrn board

    The 5-foot-long board comes with a pair of slide mittens and booties as well as access to hundreds of on-demand workouts in categories like yoga, core, and cardio sculpt.

    Promising review: "My husband and I are triathletes who are obsessed with finding new ways to cross train. He purchased a very popular connected bike, while I invested in the Brrrn board. And after eight weeks, let’s just say that my progress is far exceeding his (sorry hubs!). Please don’t waste your hard-earned money on anything else besides Brrrn At-Home!" —Sharon B.

    Get it from Brrrn for $229.

    13. An on-the-go dry shampoo with a powder formula that's *far* superior to the ghosts of aerosol's past. A puff applicator makes it easy to refresh your scalp — all without having to battle a) white residue caked onto your fingertips or b) needing to break out the paddle brush.

    Violette FR

    Get it from Violette FR for $34.

    14. A linen wingback chair if you've longed for the comfort of a rocking chair sans the spooky wooden design reminiscent of every horror movie you have...ever seen. No creaks, just chic.

    the green rocking chair

    Get it from Novogratz for $269 (available in two colors).

    15. A cross-body bag because it's time to finally retire that $12 purse you bought in your college years and somehow still wear. There's lipstick stains in the inner pocket. The strap is starting to unravel at the seams. It had a good run, but it's time to move on.,

    This super clever purse has a small coin purse attached, aka no more loose pennies being unearthed whenever you go to reach for lipstick.

    Promising review: "V cute and perfect addition to a casual look. Love that you can take it apart and use it in different ways." —Kalyn

    Get it from Amazon for $32.99 (available in three colors).

    16. A Wilton aluminum nonstick cake pan in the shape of a heart, which means the brownies you just attempted to bake (the batter of which is filled to the brim with random egg shell pieces and the wrong oil) will at least look fantastic.

    a heart-shaped cake

    Promising review: "Love this pan. I’ve made cakes, cookie cakes, brownies, and rice crispy treats in it. Whether you’re making box or from scratch the thickness turns out great, especially if you like thicker brownies. Washes great and has held up beautifully." —Tara C.

    Get it from Amazon for $8.39+ (available in two sizes).

    17. A set of hydrocolloid Peace Out acne healing dots to prevent picking and ~drain~ those zits at maximum speed. In addition to the fact that they just truly work, these transparent stickers also won't leave behind any residue on your pillow (unlike traditional goopy spot treatments).

    before and after photo of model with visible acne on left and visibly less on the right
    Peace Out Skincare

    Promising review: "These acne dots are incredible! They pull everything out of your blemish, even the enlarged pores on your T-zone that don't even have a whitehead yet." —Ivy H.

    Get a set of 20 from Peace Out Skincare for $19.99.

    18. A set of Swedish dish cloths truly divine for wiping up spills, saving you a ton of $$$ (they can be thrown in the wash when dirty), and cutting down on waste because you won't have to purchase more paper. So in other words, a total win.

    the Swedish dish cloths

    Promising review: "I absolutely love these clothes! They were just what I was looking for. I felt like I was wasting paper towels all the time and I hated to use my dish sponge to wipe the counter or table. I highly recommend these, especially because they are washable!" —Francesca C.

    Get a set of three from Dropps for $16.

    19. A smart basketball from DribbleUp, an interactive way to play sports *and* get ye old sweat glands working. It connects directly to a smart device, includes live and on-demand classes, and is a heck ton of fun. / Via @dribbleup, DribbleUp

    There are soccer, basketball, and fitness options, and you can even take a personalized quiz to figure out which is the most ideal for your lifestyle.

    Get it from DribbleUp for $99.99+.

    20. A Kopari hydrating body wash for complexions that are d-r-y. This vegan formula enlists the help of coconut water, organic aloe vera juice, and sea kelp to deliver moisture that won't irritate even *the* most sensitive skin.

    the body wash

    Get it from Kopari for $18.

    21. An assorted set of iron-on patches to the tune of a ~great outdoors~ theme for denim jackets, jeans, and even masks that will make your clothing and accessories look entirely unique. *opens an Etsy shop*,

    Promising review: "I bought these to put on our masks during the pandemic. They are on the big side for the masks but I used them anyway. It's been five months, I wash them twice a week and they are still on, not peeling at all. It looks and feels like the patch came with the masks. Great quality, great durability and awesome designs." —Lola Drones

    Get two sets of 15 assorted patches from Amazon for $14.99.

    22. A customizable apéritif kit made from real, delicious ingredients that will make their bar cart feel a thousand times more luxurious. Choose from the following four flavors: citrus flower, rose rosé, bitter clove, and lemon lavender.

    the clear bottles

    Promising review: "Even though I have tried a number of Haus flavors, I wanted to try some more and the sampler kit looked like a great way to do it. Two thumbs up! First, the branding and bottles are so dang cute that you want to try them just from that. The bottles are a perfect size to share with a friend and I will keep them to use as vases. The sampler kit also makes an ideal gift for someone as an introduction to Haus." —Marcia W.

    Get it from Haus for $40.

    23. A set of two ceramic mugs complete with a furniture-friendly cork coaster bottom and a splash-proof lid, the latter of which is important if you (like me) have gone to take a sip of coffee and just...missed. Ruining the clean white sweater you just threw on.


    Get a set of two from Amazon for $17.99.

    24. The Adventure Challenge, a book on a mission to save your Friday nights henceforth. Here's how it works: Each ~activity~ is concealed with icons to indicate length of time, prep-work required, etc. Simply scratch off the boxes to reveal an out-of-the-box plan — complete the activity, write a blurb about it, and stick on a printed photo.

    the three books
    The Adventure Challenge

    This scratch-off book is available in four versions — couples, family, friends, solo — so you can receive customized recs based on participants. I personally own and adore the couples version... me and my fiancé were prompted to build a fort, roast marshmallows, and put on a movie. 'Twas the most fun we've had in, like, a year.

    You can also purchase the bundle pack ($147.99) that comes with their signature camera.

    Promising review (couples edition): "We have done about six of the dates so far. We have laughed harder than we have in a long time. I have been touched by the thought that went into each of the dates. It is clear that they are not just thrown together, there is a purpose behind each of the "rules" of the date. I would say if I had made up the dates my husband would have balked, so it helps to have it be from a third party with the requirement to commit. There has not been a date so far that we haven't thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from. My husband LOVES it and has wanted to do several dates in a weekend (our original goal was to do one a week). For perspective we are in our forties and have been married for 22 years. It has been a bit reminiscent of our early dating years and reminded us to be more adventurous. So fun to shake it up! The only way you get the benefit is if you fully commit and go for it. Break out of your self-made boundaries! You strengthen your bond by shared experiences that invoke emotion: laughter, uncertainty, vulnerability in trying new things." —Terrell

    Get it from The Adventure Challenge for $39.99+.

    25. A tube of CeraVe retinol serum that recognizes that acne doesn't stop at breakouts; the scars they leave behind are equally as frustrating. This affordable product is gentle enough for sensitive skin (retinol = some pretty powerful stuff), but remains effective at evening out discoloration. All hail, honestly.

    reviewer with visible scarring on left and less visible scarring on right

    Promising review: "I swear by anything from CeraVe, but especially this serum. I suffered from terrible acne for my entire adult life and after undergoing a very harsh treatment with my dermatologist, the acne disappeared but I was left with deep scars, dry skin (it was oily before), ultra sensitivity to pretty much anything and dermatitis. I tried a bunch of products and nothing helped, most things left me with a pretty nasty rash, even stuff that was designed for sensitive skin. I decided to make the switch to CeraVe and now I couldn't be happier with the results!" —Josie Santos

    Get it from Amazon for $16.97.

    26. An organic shaped oyster turquoise ring sure to make a statement on your digits whenever you slip it on. Manicure-less nails and mauled cuticles? Don't worry about it. The only thing that'll matter is this gorg accessory.

    model wearing the turquoise rings
    Local Eclectic

    Get it from Local Eclectic for $124 (available in sizes 4-9).

    27. A TokyoTreat box, curated snackies imported from Japan that include the likes of everything from DIY candy kits and peach parfait KitKats to ginger tempura chips and the iconic Asahi Melon cream soda.


    The classic box includes 12 full-sized items including a Japanese candy guide book, two Dagashi (popular candies), and four iconic snacks; the premium box comes stocked with 17 full-sized items.

    Get it from TokyoTreat starting at $22.50 per month.

    28. A three-pack of color drip candles to turn the act of a birthday wish come true into a work of Picasso proportions. Reviewers swear that all you'll need is an empty wine glass (or old candelabra) to begin your foray into art.

    reviewers drip candles in antique candelabras

    Promising review: "Love these candles! Don't be deterred by the candles out the box, though they are mostly white on the outside there are lots of primary color pockets on the inside. They do take a while to burn (three to four hours by my count) but the results are by far worth being patient for. As the flame works through the candle, the primary color pockets blend with the white as well as with each other to create a wide range of colors... I've seen yellows, oranges, reds, pinks, greens, and blues on my finished bottles." —5ammosh

    Get six candles from Amazon for $13.99.

    29. A stainless-steel bartender kit so you can accomplish your goal of mastering a complicated cocktail, because this contains everything you'll need on your journey to becoming a professional mixologist. And an extra perk: It comes with a bamboo stand that lets each tool sit atop your bar cart in style.


    This set comes with a strainer, shaker, muddler, jigger, mixing spoon, ice tongs and pourers, and a bamboo stand.

    Promising review: "Absolutely love this set! It’s beautiful and such a great deal for the price. It also holds up very well after hand washing several times. I researched several different cocktail sets before purchasing and am so happy I went with this one!" —Jordan Litz

    Get it from Amazon for $58.99.

    30. A volumizing hair mask packed with the likes of watermelon seed oil, quinoa, and rice protein for lots of body with *none* of the greasy weigh-down. It costs $3 and has got enough product for up to three uses, which means one application = $1.

    the mask
    Mane Club

    Promising review: "This is the first hair mask I've found that actually adds volumes to my hair, I love it! I wish it came in a bigger bottle." —Dianna L.

    Get it from Mane Club for $3.

    31. A bottle of La Tourangelle white truffle oil because read my lips: homemade salads that don't suck. A light drizzle of this luxurious White Alba truffle blend adds a flavorful punch to any meal or snack... because you thought baguettes were good before? Get ready for your life to be altered forever.

    the oil

    Promising review: "I have purchased cheap truffle oils before but the flavor is not as intense as this. Bear in mind that this oil is to be used as a finishing element. Drizzle it on popcorn or over noodles or vegetables. Swirl it into homemade cream soups just before serving instead of butter or sour cream." —Beguiling

    Get it from Amazon for $19.75.

    32. A splurge-worthy Always Pan that surpasses even the excessive amount of Instagram hype it gets. This snazzy kitchen gadget replaces eight pieces of cookware, weighs only 3 pounds, comes with a steamer basket and spatula nester, and is *truly* nonstick.

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed, Our Place

    Promising review: "This is the best pan I have ever cooked with. The surface allows me to control the amount of olive oil used, the dome lid design is great for faster cooking without turning up the heat, and the pan itself is so beautiful I leave it out on my stovetop as decoration. I am hoping they make a small sauté pan and a three-qt sauce pan some day." —Cheryl M.

    You can also check out our full review on this Instagram-famous Always pan.

    Get it from Our Place for $145 (available in seven colors).

    33. A plant-based Tide Purclean laundry soap raved about by reviewers with sensitive complexions. This has a delightfully subtle honey lavender scent that won't lead to irritation, plus the eco-friendly packaging is designed with 50% less plastic but still holds enough liquid for 72 loads. Someone call Kermit and tell him it *is* easy being green, please and thank you.

    reviewer using detergent spout

    Promising review: "BEST 👏 SCENT 👏 EVER. I have the most sensitive skin. I'm talking change my pillow case every other night because I can't use ANYTHING scented. But THIS, I can use and it smells absolutely incredible!" —The Hilliers

    Get it from Amazon for $15.97.

    34. Organic dryer balls made from 100% wool, because why not further enhance the bliss that is fresh laundry? These adorable hypoallergenic penguins will leave your laundry wrinkle- and static-free, plus they'll leave all clothes and linens feeling softer and fluffier than ever.,

    Promising review: "I LOVE my new penguin dryer balls! They bring me such joy every time I use them. I plan on giving them as gifts as well (to encourage my friends to switch from wasteful dryer sheets)." —E. Eldredge

    Get a set of six from Amazon for $28.

    35. A high-leg swimsuit made from a slick and thick material that looks like it would cost upwards of one billion dollars and come from a ritzy boutique but shhhhh, it’s shockingly super affordable.

    reviewer wearing the orange swimsuit

    Promising review: "I am OBSESSED with this bathing suit! What an amazing buy! It is so form fitting, amazing quality material, and great packaging. They even gave a complimentary pack of metallic tattoos. This is my second bathing suit from this company and I want to get a few other colors now." –Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in sizes S-XXL and in 30 colors).

    36. A collapsible treadmill sent from heaven for folks with apartments the size of a shoebox. This bluetooth-compatible machine folds neatly under your bed when not in use, plus it makes for an easy way to get in your steps if the weather outside is best described as freakin' frigid.

    Genevieve Scarano

    Promising review: "I find both walking and jogging on the Treadly 2 Pro so easy and enjoyable. Having this treadmill is great, because I can exercise without having to go outside (I live in upstate NY where it's really cold outside) or move furniture around my apartment. It doesn't even matter that it "only" goes up to a jogging speed, I *still* feel sweaty after spending time on it.My fitness routine involves a mix of cardio, strength training, and flexibility workouts. I use the Treadly 2 Pro about three to four times a week, mostly for jogging and occasionally for walking. Jogging on the Treadly 2 Pro definitely gets my heart rate up: I have so much fun changing up the speed and also working on a steady pace. (See me on the left in full jogging mode.) After 35 to 40 minutes is up, I feel a little tired, but in a good way. I don't enjoy power walking, but the Treadly 2 Pro changed my perspective on it: When I don't feel like doing a heavy workout, it's so nice to de-stress with brisk movement. Plus, I can watch my favorite TV shows (like Bridgerton ) while I walk, walk, and walk some more." —Genevieve Scarano

    Get it from Treadly for $749+ (originally $849).

    To learn more, check out our full review on this foldable treadmill.

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    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.