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    17 Warm Coats You Could Hypothetically Wear To Antarctica

    A bunch of super warm puffers and parkas that will turn you into Elsa. The cold? Will never bother you again.

    1. A windproof parka so warm, you'll wonder how you ever faced the cold without it. "You were so brave" —you to your past self.

    2. A lightweight hooded coat that can be folded down and stored in the (included) pouch, without taking up a crap ton of space in your carry-on. Guess this is permission to pack more shoes...

    3. A packable chevron-quilted down coat capable of the unthinkable – keeping you stylish, chic, and actually warm. Now get that #ootd hashtag ready.

    4. An oversized parka made from 56 renewed plastic bottles and 100% recycled PrimaLoft insulation. In English, this eco-friendly coat will help you withstand frigid temps of 0°F to 20°F.

    5. A utility parka with a boxy and oversized silhouette, making it the perfect piece of outerwear to comfortably drape over your bulkiest sweaters.

    6. A waterproof ski jacket you'll want to pack for your next frigid vacation. Not only will this keep you warm and dry, but it is also designed with pockets large enough to hold your most essential items (like...your phone).

    7. A snow jacket that might just encourage you to get out there and build some snowmen. This is even designed with thumbholes, meaning you can slip on some gloves and rest assured that no snow will creep in.

    8. A mid-length jacket perfect for days when the weather can best be described as "my face hurts". A warm hat + thick socks + this coat = the best cold weather defense.

    9. A responsibly-sourced goose down puffer with a detachable hood + water-repellent exterior fabric. OH! And did I mention this is engineered to keep you warm in -22°F weather? Because it is.

    10. A hooded coat available in seven neutral colors that won't clash with anything in your closet. Yes, you'll finally be able to rock those highlighter yellow gloves your grandma knit you (definitely not a personal story).

    11. A water-resistant puffer with an adjustable waistband AKA wave goodbye to compromising your hourglass silhouette for warmth.

    12. A three-quarter length coat that laughs in the face of cold (up to -40°). If you're looking to make a worthy investment, say "ding ding ding" because you have a winner.

    13. A PrimaLoft puffer guaranteed to become your "I wear this every single day" coat. From hikes and work to happy hour, this will become your new go-to.

    14. A cropped puffer featuring an insulated hood to keep your noggin feeling toastier than toast. It's made from PrimaLoft insulation to keep the rest of your upper-half feeling toasty, too.

    15. A winter jacket with Omni-Heat lining to keep you warm, BUT! It's also super lightweight, making it the perfect layer for skiing and other tortuous snow-related activities.

    16. A thigh-length parka you'll be able to quickly slip on before leaving the house. In a rush? Rest assured that this beauty will keep you WARM — no matter the weather.

    17. A packable puffer featuring gorgeous peplum detailing for a look that is both functioning and unique. And that blue hue? Fabulous dah-ling.

    If only Sir Snow had access to this list, am I right?

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