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    33 Pieces Of Clothing To Make Even Lounging At Home Feel More Luxurious

    Retire your ratty old high school gym sweats, folks – it's time to invest in an actual pajama set.

    1. A satin robe you'll want to throw on before proceeding to pad through your very expensive villa, as you are now very rich (as evident by your very rich person satin robe).

    2. A strappy bralette currently on sale for 60% off, which basically means I will be purchasing all six available colors for myself. Intimates drawer, consider yourself refreshed.

    3. A comfy pajama set that screams face masks and popcorn because I'm pretty sure this was featured in the sleepover scene of 13 Going on 30.

    4. A rib-knit pajama set designed with a cropped tank and high-waisted drawstring shorts you'll want to slip on the second you get home. Right after you take off your bra, of course.

    5. A satin set available in 25 gorgeous colors. I wish you a load of luck as you attempt to not add every single one to your Amazon shopping cart.

    6. A splurge-worthy leopard print set that'll make you proud of your computer screen reflection. Have you wasted the day indoors due to your latest Netflix binge? Absolutely. But your loungewear game will make you feel like the definition of luxury.

    7. High-rise knit joggers so ridiculously soft, your legs will feel as if they're being enveloped by a fluffy cloud made of kittens and other ridiculously soft baby animals.

    8. A striped satin romper stolen from the set of Gossip Girl. Blair Waldorf, are you missing something? Because I'm pretty sure someone raided your loungewear drawer.

    9. An oversized jersey jumpsuit you can easily dress up with a pair of pumps and then — *breathes sigh of relief* — you can run home, take off said pumps, and go straight to sleep. This versatile piece is that cozy.

    10. A pajama set here to nudge your high school gym shorts and old soccer team t-shirt into retirement. You hated soccer. You sat on the bench. Stop wearing that memory to sleep.

    11. A plush fleece bathrobe you'll put on right after a shower, and then... well, nothing. You'll wear it from now until the end of time. You'll feel too cozy to even contemplate taking it off.

    12. A velvet bralette and shorts for anyone looking to lounge in luxury. SURPRISE! Your weekend-long conspiracy-theory-videos-on-YouTube binge can now be considered a fancy occasion. Chocolate on your pillow sadly not included.

    13. Drawstring shorts perfect for anyone who doesn't have the luxury of in-room AC. These pajama bottoms are light, airy, and won't make you feel as if you're stewing in your own sweat.

    14. A satin and lace chemise nightgown that looks like it should be worn in a five star hotel as you await an expensive room service order (the kind that comes with a mimosa).

    15. A cowl neck tunic for the perfect blend of comfort and versatility — this feels like a cozy pajama top, but you'll also be able to confidently leave your house wearing it.

    16. A velour bath robe made from an ultra plush material that'll have you cancelling weekend plans just for some extra ~lounging around whilst doing nothing~ time. Which is the best time, in my very humble opinion!

    17. An oversized nightgown that is basically a more sophisticated version of the random, weird-promotional-gift-you-got-for-free tee that you've been wearing to bed every night.

    18. A pajama set for anyone looking to add a little, ahem, zest to their nighttime uniform.

    19. A supima cotton bodysuit with a second-skin feel that is just about the closest thing you can get to feeling naked without, well, actually being naked.

    20. A splurge-worthy jersey pajama set designed to be wrinkle-, lotion-, and oil-resistant (meaning you can spill your nighttime oil cleanser onto your top and it *won't* get ruined). You can even get this monogrammed!

    21. A slip dress ideal for a romantic evening spent at home, sharing takeout spaghetti with your S/O à la Lady and the Tramp.

    22. Ankle leggings for curling up on the couch with a good book or for running errands. The world is truly your oyster with these trusty bottoms.

    23. A fishnet-and-lace teddy with a bow-back sure to make you say "hummuna hummuna hummuna" every time you slip it on.

    24. A crewneck dress with pockets (!!!!) that will basically feel like an extension of your coziest, most beloved blanket. Need a dinner date outfit? Pair this with some over-the-knee boots and BAM. You're the height of fashion.

    25. A slip dress that will turn your next Netflix Binge-a-thon into something much more luxurious. How can you possibly feel "lazy" whilst wearing this thing?

    26. Drawstring wide leg pants best accessorized with a great book, a freshly-brewed cup of coffee, and your phone on "Do Not Disturb" mode.

    27. A satin bodysuit designed with intricate lace and a gorgeous emerald green color that will basically become the champagne toast of your intimates drawer.

    28. An adorable pajama set so soft, you'll be tempted to pursue a whole new career in hibernation. Why should the bears get all the fun, am I right?

    29. Straight cut pants so comfortable, you'll never want to part with them — not even on laundry day. My suggestion? Buy at least 10 pairs.

    30. A comfy and supportive lace bralette that *may* inspire you to do something drastic. Like oohhhhhh, I don't know...throw out ALL of your underwire bras?

    31. A floral pajama set so gorgeous, you may find yourself wearing the top to your actual place of work. No one will know it's a PJ shirt! Right? Right!?

    32. Brushed knit lounge pants you'll find yourself grabbing over and over (and over and over) again. These cozy bottoms are the kind you should hide from your roommate, who will absolutely be tempted to "borrow" them.

    33. Scoop neck t-shirts made from a super soft material (100% supima cotton) that will stay soft — even after being thrown in the wash 907 times.

    *puts on new pajama pants* *cancels all existing plans for the foreseeable future*

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