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    31 Cheap Things From Nordstrom You May Want To Buy ASAP

    Plush joggers, milk chocolate caramels, knit jumpsuits, DIY bracelet kits, and more — many of which will arrive in time for the 25th.

    1. A ribbed V-neck tunic sweater that is to leggings what almond butter is to jelly: the perfect combination in every way.

    2. AFRM sweatpants because you're into the ROY G. BIV trend and there's no use in denying it. This is slightly more muted than the other incredibly bright tie-dye clothing out there, so you'll look — dare I say — trendy without feeling like you're copying everyone on TikTok?

    model wearing the yellow sweatpants with gray and pink tie dye

    3. A cozy V-neck hooded sweatshirt available in three neutral hues: beige, black, gray, plus an orange ~rust~ for those who are feeling a bit more adventurous as we head into the new year.

    4. A cozy fleece crop tank that calls for a movie marathon, like, yesterday. Picture it: popcorn bowl in hand, all 1009 hours of Harry Potter playing consecutively, snuggled under a blanket, wearing this top. Wow.

    model wearing the olive green fuzzy tank

    5. High-waisted ponte leggings, aka the bread and butter of any WFH wardrobe. These babies have seamed detailing which make them look more put-together than athletic leggings so yes! You'll basically be getting "dressed up" when you slip these on in the morning.

    6. A luxuriously soft plush throw you'll genuinely use all 👏 the 👏 time 👏. Weekends spent watching all one million hours of Law & Order: SVU are about to get so much better.

    the navy blanket

    7. A double-breasted peacoat because while winter is the worst of the four seasons*, there is a silver lining: outwear. This chic layer means you can wear your pajama top to the grocery store and (because you're all buttoned up) no one will have to know.

    model wearing the black peacoat

    8. Crew socks dubbed the ~butter~ socks because of how deliciously soft they are. I can't believe it's not butter? No. I can't believe I didn't buy these babies sooner.

    model wearing the pink fuzzy socks

    9. A turtleneck sweater dress for a chic way to feel as if you're *wearing* that ultra soft throw blanket you purchased in three colors at TJ Maxx. The rib knit material is truly a joy.

    model wearing the black dress

    10. A mock neck bodysuit because bliss = being able to wear any denim rise with confidence knowing you won't have to tuck and re-tuck your shirt oh *checks watch* every five seconds.

    11. A limited-edition soy candle meant to evoke the feeling of freshly fallen snow thanks to notes of blue spruce, cedarwood, and citrus. It's even got a burn time of up to 50 hours, plus that gorgeous amber jar is just begging to be DIY-ed into a succulent holder.

    the candles

    12. A fleece quarter zip dress about to become the new going out top of your wardrobe except ~going out~ in this context means leaving your bedroom and heading to the kitchen for a midnight snacky snack.

    model wearing the gray sweater zip-up dress

    13. A Madewell flannel button-up with so many different outfit pairings, your wardrobe is about to change forever (and for the better). Combine it with a skirt and boots for getting dressy, with leggings to lounge around in, with jeans for a weekly grocery run, and etcetera.

    model wearing the black green and pink flannel

    14. A Saturday Skin sleep mask packed with yuzu to tackle a slew of skincare concerns whilst you dream: enlarged pores, dullness, uneven texture, and fine lines. Apply this jelly-like product post-moisturizer up to five times per week.

    15. A drawstring cowl neck hoodie currently 40% off — so if you'll excuse me, I'll be adding this to my own personal shopping cart. Sound off in the comments if you agree that I should buy 12 of this hoodie as presents for family, friends, and myself.

    model wearing the black hoodie

    16. A box of Seattle Chocolate milk chocolate caramels — and the image alone is enough to inspire some major drool. Each morsel of deliciousness is covered in either Hawaiian sea salt, anise, or spiced chai for a pop of flavor.

    the box of chocolate caramels

    17. High waist straight-leg jeans for a silhouette that is not *pinches into your ankle bone*. If you're looking for a more comfortable alternative to the skinny denim that has permeated your wardrobe, look no further than these cropped beauties.

    18. A Kinto roughly-textured porcelain mug to up the ante when it comes to romanticizing that morning coffee. Wake up, pour yourself some joe, read a good book... IDK! I am not a morning person but this mug is maybe making me feel like...I...might be?

    the cream colored mug with coffee inside

    19. A velvet peplum top serving big NYE energy. While ringing in 2021 will feel a bit different this year, don't sleep on the opportunity to dress up: This no-frills option is both lovely and comfortable.

    model wearing the pink top

    20. Fleece joggers that are everything the world needs in a pant. The tapered silhouette means they don't feel as bulky as your fleece pajama bottoms; the delightful material means you will feel extremely snuggly with every click of the "skip intro."

    21. Nippon Kodo incense cones available in four scent variations to make your kitchen feel like a relaxing café. Take the below, for instance: apple and jasmine tea.

    the pink case with incense cones inside

    22. Platform Chelsea boots for babes on a budget (the babe in this equation = me). These look like they'd cost upwards of a trillion dollars, but thankfully do not: these designer-esque shoes are on sale and will run you less than $42.

    the black boots

    23. A cuff beanie to keep your noggin nice, toasty, and stylish. Opt for colors like cobalt blue and neon green for contrast to your back parka — or go for a nice neutral. Nothing wrong with adding to the sea of neutrals that is your wardrobe.

    24. A graphic tee that I very much may purchase for myself, which is ironic considering I know absolutely nothing about cars! All I *do* know is that my dream automobile is a yellow buggy and that I don't have one, so.

    model wearing the white graphic tee

    25. A sweater knit jumpsuit especially great for anyone who doesn't want to deal with the headache that is pawing through their wardrobe for a matching top and bottom. "Who has the time?" I say as someone who, indeed, has a lot of time.

    26. A Fresh travel-sized kit containing their cult-favorite sugar lip treatment *and* their soy face cleaner — the latter of which removes makeup, impurities, and lightly tones thanks amino acid soy proteins (for elasticity), cucumber extract (for soothing), and rosewater (for balancing and calming).

    the set

    27. A crewneck mini dress for what is basically an extension of your favorite sweater. Throw this on pre-holiday Zoom party for an extra zhush of ~festive~.

    model wearing the red crewneck

    28. A Zella fleece hoodie best accessorized with a steaming mug of hot chocolate and Hallmark flicks playing in the background.

    29. A beaded bracelet set for an at-home hobby that is shockingly not Netflix. This giftable set includes letter beads, snap closures, and golden chain strands that basically mean you're a jewelry designer now. Congrats!

    the bracelet set

    30. A cotton V-neck tee in which "being basic" is not an insult, but its best feature. This versatile top can be worn with absolutely anything in your wardrobe: tucked into high-rise jeans, layered under a flannel, worn on its lonesome with leggings.

    model wearing the gray top

    31. A sleeved midi dress in which the world is your oyster when it comes to shoe selection. Sneakers, kitten heels, over-the-knee boots — all an option when you're wearing this pretty little number.

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