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    33 Casual Dresses That Can Easily Be Dressed Up For Nighttime

    Dresses that can be worn with flip flops, sneakers, or heels. You're welcome.

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    1. A sleeveless maxi dress so inexpensive, your wallet may start weeping uncontrollable sobs of joy. Just give it a moment. It'll be fine.

    2. A sleeveless v-neck dress made from a 👏 ridiculously soft 👏 jersey material that you will never want to take off.

    3. A simple shift dress available in a whole banana bunch of colors and prints. Like Pokémon, you'll want to catch 'em all.

    4. A floral print dress perfect for movie dates, strolls on the beach, all-you-can-eat sushi buffet dinners, and every other fun activity you can think of.

    5. A knit maxi dress with adjustable, tailored-to-you straps to make this pretty thing feel like it's made JUST for you.

    6. A v-neck tea dress you can easily wear while drinking tea: whether you're at a casual hang or a fancy tea party, you can comfortably sip your earl gray while wearing this.

    7. A stretchy midi dress with decorative buttons that won't gape open. And the pièce de résistance? POCKETS.

    8. A strappy maxi dress for a bodycon, fits-like-a-glove silhouette that will get more compliments than you can handle.

    9. A lace-up babydoll dress you will definitely go ga ga over. That's baby talk for "MAN, I love this dress."

    10. A khaki-colored midi dress you can wear to the grocery store with sandals, to work with a blazer, to happy hour with some accessories, and so on and so forth.

    11. A bardot dress complete with a gorgeous hue of pastel colors. These are the only colors I ever want to wear...ever again.

    12. A tie-front midi dress that will force your old LBD into retirement. Sorry, former little black dress, but you have been replaced.

    13. A fit and flare dress with gorgeous lace-up sides that add a touch of ~flare~ to your ensemble.

    14. A flounced dress you can slip on whenever you're running late and/or in a rush. This pretty little thing? It's perfect for any occasion.

    15. An off-the-shoulder maxi dress complete with side slits. Ya know, for anyone who wants to show off just a teeny tiny bit of leg.

    16. A crochet-trim maxi dress you'll absolutely want to pack for your next vacation to the south of France. Now all you have to do is book said vacation...

    17. A ruffle hem midi dress made with thick straps and a smocked, supportive bodice. The bottom? Super flow-y, super comfortable.

    18. A shirt dress designed with an accordion pleat bottom AKA is absolute music to your closet's ears.

    19. A tie-front maxi dress sure to make you fall in love. After all, a true soulmate is a piece of clothing you can dress up or down.*

    20. An open shoulder maxi dress that — WARNING — will get you a ton of enemies. Everyone will ask to borrow it, and you'll tell them that they absolutely can't.

    21. A fit and flare dress with tie-shoulder straps and a gorgeous floral pattern worthy of its own botanical garden exhibit.

    22. A mint-colored skater dress to give your wardrobe an instant refresh. Just a good, clean feeling, you know?

    23. A midi dress with a cinched waist for a classic look that will absolutely never (ever ever ever) go out of style.

    24. A scoop-neck midi dress even more delicious than three scoops of your favorite ice cream.

    25. A t-shirt dress that is basically the longer version of your favorite, most comfortable tee.

    26. An off-the-shoulder dress in a denim color that pays homage to all the skinny jeans that got you through this cold, hard winter.

    27. A button-up maxi dress available in a bunch of gorgeous patterns and vibrant colors. Swoon.

    28. A button-up dress just begging to be worn with a straw hat. Proof, below.

    29. A raspberry-colored chiffon dress to add a touch of COLOR to the sea of grey, black, and white that is your closet.

    30. A striped midi dress you can pair with a denim jacket and sandals or a blazer and some wedges. The choice is yours!

    31. A calf-length checkered dress best accessorized with red shoes, a dog named Toto, pigtails, and a picnic basket.

    32. A maxi dress you can easily wear throughout the spring, summer, and fall. (Sorry, winter. You'll probably have to sit this one out.)

    33. A dot print midi dress that has "I would save this to a Pinterest board" written all over it.

    Me, looking at all these dresses right now:

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