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    21 Pairs Of Bikini Undies For Anyone Who Hates Thongs

    THONGS!? What am I, YOUNG!?

    1. Bikini undies that come in a pack of six, but you'll still want to stock up on them. Because you know what? A person can never have too much underwear.

    2. High-rise knit undies made from a material that is super stretchy and super flexible. These malleable things will conform to fit your body exactly.

    3. Soft lace undies known for having a tiny attitude problem. They've been known to show a little cheek, if you know what I mean.

    4. Seamless undies that look (and feel!) super luxe without completely betraying your tight budget. "I have been faithful," you'll whisper to your savings account.

    5. High-leg double string panties available in a celestial design that you'll love — DARE I SAY — to the moon and back.

    6. Cotton underwear that will make you want to throw out allllll the other underwear in your drawer. THERE IS A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN, underwear drawer!

    7. Mid-rise, high-leg panties because who said your intimates drawer can't be trendy? I say, go forth and be trendy, fair undies!

    8. Cotton panties adorned with *audible gasp* SLOTHS!? On hot air balloons? Excuse me, but I need to add this to my cart immediately.

    9. String bikini underwear that come in a pack filled with neutral colors you'll want to wear every darn day. Bright colors? Not in my vocabulary.

    10. Seamless undies sure to become your holy grail of undergarments. Nothing compares to them, Sinéad O'Connor style.

    11. Cotton bikini briefs that come in a pack of three. All black! Because what other color would you possibly want to wear, am I right?

    12. Microfiber undies designed with patented silicone edges, meaning they won't ride up or be be visible under your pants.

    13. Cotton underwear with subtle hints of lace that — HALLELUJAH — won't feel itchy after .5 seconds of wear. Lace intimates = great in theory, but sometimes straight-up uncomfortable.

    14. Bikini undies made from Supima cotton AKA it'll feel as if you're wearing nothing at all. Like a second skin, if you will.

    15. Cotton bikini panties that'll transform you into Kendall Jenner. You'll be filling in things like, "I ____ in my Calvins." **

    16. Seamless panties currently on sale for 50%, so what are you still doing here? You should probably go snag these while they're still available...

    17. Slightly cheek bikini briefs for when you usually love full coverage, ~butt~ you feeling like being a little extra. Just a little bit, though.

    18. Cotton panties available in a reindeer red — because HO HO HO, what do we have here? THE HOLIDAY SEASON. It has arrived! Kind of.

    19. Classic cut bikini undies made from a MicroModal fabric that is *gasp* three times softer than cotton, meaning you won't be squirming whilst sitting in that office chair all darn day.

    20. Seamless panties that will ~seam~ like heaven on earth. Comfy? Check. Cute? Check. Will you want to wear them every day? Check.

    21. Rib knit undies available in gorgeous pastel colors for anyone trying to make their intimates drawer feel like an Easter egg hunt. SURPRISE! This is how.

    OH LOOK! A gif of... not you.

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