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    35 Travel Products You Can Get On Amazon That You Need For Your Next Trip

    This includes an inexpensive rolling duffel bag perfect for your next weekend getaway – you'll be able to comfortably pack 19 dresses, 18 pairs of shoes, and every lipstick you have ever owned inside.

    1. A foldable hair dryer that packs something itself: a lot of POWER. This tool may be small, but it is damn mighty and can be folded down into a penny-sized speck that can fit in any corner of your bursting-at-the-seams suitcase.

    2. An Acure essentials kit complete with hydrating shampoo and conditioner, as well as a cult-favorite facial scrub and day cream. Say "GOODBYE" to the days of those drying, hotel-specific mini formulas!

    3. A toiletry bag you'll be able to hang up in the hotel bathroom for easy access to all of your, well, toiletries. The compact size means it doesn't take up a ton of room in your suitcase, but the deep pockets allow for a TON of storage.

    4. Packing cubes capable of helping you fit your entire 👏 friggin' 👏 wardrobe 👏 inside your carry-on. Plus, this keeps everything lookin' niiiiice and neat.

    5. An illustrated travel journal filled with thought-provoking prompts in the form of LISTS. Jot down everything from world heritage sites and beaches to festivals and parades you've experienced firsthand — or would *eventually* like to experience!

    6. Mini Wet Brush brushes designed with flexible bristles to detangle your (very tangled) 'do without painfully pulling chunks of hair out in the process. And yep, these portable babies are perfect for both wet and dry manes.

    7. Compression socks to keep your adorable little piggies (...your feet, duh) from swelling up while hovering about a billion miles in the air. Did I happen to mention that these have over 7,000 positive reviews? I didn't? Well, they do.

    8. Luggage tags available in a bunch of vibrant, distinguishable colors that make spotting your suitcase at baggage claim into a no-fuss breeze.

    9. An essential oil roll-on stick with a pretty bizarre appetite. The main thing it craves? Your migraines. This will gobble 'em up and get rid of all those annoying headaches with pleasure.

    10. An Olympia rolling duffel bag perfect for the chronic overpacker. You can hypothetically shove 11 dresses, 19 tops, 18 sneakers, and your entire makeup bag in here — and you'll *still* have room to spare. Magic! It exists!

    11. A TSA-approved transparent organizer so that you don't have to fish around your suitcase for liquids (and then stuff them in a clear baggy) while going through airport security. As if flying isn't nerve-wracking enough.

    12. Biodegradable body wipes made with tea tree oil, peppermint, aloe, and ginseng that will leave your skin feeling refreshed, clean, and not dry or sticky. Plus, they're lavender-scented which basically means you're already relaxed.

    13. A neck pillow with chin support designed to help your head remain upright. This'll prevent your noggin from falling down whenever you begin to snooze.

    14. TSA-approved silicone bottles that let you pack your go-to moisturizers, shampoos, and face washes — WITHOUT HAVING TO WORRY ABOUT ANY LEAKAGE.

    15. A compact travel umbrella you'll want to pack for when the destinations you're visiting are KIND OF RUDE when it comes to rainy weather. *cough London cough*

    16. A trolley-inspired two-piece set so adorably vintage-inspired, it physically hurts to look at it. The larger suitcase is 24 inches while the smaller bag is 12 inches — AKA it has the perfect amount of room for your need-to-grab items (I'm looking at you, TSA-approved contact solution).

    17. A fast-drying, super-absorbent microfiber towel you can use in bathrooms and beaches. It even comes with an easy storage pouch that won't take up a ton of suitcase space.

    18. An on-the-go razor that guarantees a close, smooth shave while taking up almost 0 space in your luggage. Goodbye, horrible disposable razors I *used* to pack!

    19. A travel wallet because there is NOTHING WORSE than losing a connecting boarding pass while on a plane. Is it underneath your seat? In the carry-on you stored in the overhead compartment? DID YOU DROP IT EN ROUTE TO THE PLANE?

    20. A Mario Badescu facial spray because flying wreaks absolute havoc on your skin, please don't tell me otherwise. This lovely option is packed with aloe, herbs, and rose water for a blast of hydration and dewiness.

    21. Neoprene handle wraps available fluorescent colors you can hypothetically spot from space. Or at the very least, you can spot them from baggage claim.

    22. A jade roller you'll want to add to your in-flight skincare routine ASAP. This little facial massager is said to promote circulation, tighten skin, and help with lymphatic drainage to keep your face feeling glorious and de-puffed (which is especially helpful while flying).

    23. A palm-sized Crystal deodorant stick that banishes BO + smelly bacteria to the ~pits~ of HECK (you can thank the mineral salt formula for that). It's also cruelty-free, aluminum-free, fragrance-free, and vegan, and won't leave any white marks on your black top.

    24. A Rockland two-piece set with a carry-on that'll fit perfectly into any overhead bin, and a smaller bag you can comfortably stuff under the seat in front of you. That's right, folks! No more sharing legroom with your slightly-too-large backpack.

    25. A collapsible water bowl for our fellow canine companions. This food-grade, silicone item is perfect for when you're traveling with your good boy, but have 0 space in your backpack.

    26. A lipstick-sized portable charger so that your phone DOES NOT DIE in the middle of that Law & Order: SVU season you downloaded SPECIFICALLY for this flight.

    27. A helpful checklist that will remind you to pack underwear, deodorant, contact lens solution, and all the other essentials that you ALWAYS FORGET TO BRING. I'm looking at you, toothbrush.

    28. A magnifying mirror that folds into a travel-friendly compact OR can be adjusted to stand upright. This compact is designed with LED lights to ensure bad lighting doesn't get in the way of your killing the makeup game.

    29. Kleenex tissues you'll want to have on hand at all times. I'm relieved that winter is almost over, but allergy season is here — and my runny nose is about to make a comeback.

    30. A travel-sized Batiste dry shampoo capable of making your 'do look freshly-washed by the time you land at your destination. Grease? You don't know her. You're too busy traveling the world to even think about her.... *nervous giggle*

    31. Button extenders that I wish I purchased before inhaling my Thanksgiving dinner. These durable babies add an extra 1" to your waistline and can be used on jeans, slacks, and Jake from State Farm-inspired khakis.

    32. A non-toxic, before-you-go Poo-Pourri toilet spray formulated with a concentrated blend of essential oils that will neutralize funky bathroom odors. Yes, the kind that you cause.

    33. Odor eliminators because dirty clothes + overused shoes + a small bag = SMELLINESS. But not with these bamboo and charcoal bags!

    34. Disposable silicone earplugs here to help you say goodbye to discomfort. Ear pain during air travel is REAL, and babies have every reason to cry because of it. Just saying.

    35. A spray hand sanitizer that kills — Destroys! Obliterates! — 99.99% of icky germs that cause all **cough cough, I can't come, I'm sick** situations.

    How it feels walking through TSA with that transparent cosmetics bag:

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