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    All The Best Travel Deals On The Internet This Week

    Discount tickets for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in concert? I mean, I guess that sounds fine.

    1. 30% off Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban™ in Concert with a live orchestra in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now what did my credit card just say? Swish and flick.

    2. Up to 25% off Hilton hotels ranging from Jaipur and Shanghai to Venice and Guam, meaning you'll be able to lounge in luxury whilst on vacation — no forking over the big bucks required.

    3. Up to $640 off select trips at EF Ultimate Break, your golden ticket if solo travel is the kind of Eat, Pray, Love-esque experience you'd like to have (but you're still a bit nervous about the whole, well, solo aspect)

    4. 53% off the famous Ripley's Believe It or Not! in Times Square, New York — prepare to be dazzled with weird facts, fun galleries, and shrunken human heads.

    5. 40% off a Herschel backpack cleverly designed with a smart panel on the back, so you can just slide it over your luggage handles when you need a break from carrying it around.

    6. 62% off a 60-minute boat tour of the State of Liberty with N.Y.C Skylinetours & Cruises.

    7. 57% off a Rockland two-piece set with a carry-on that'll fit perfectly into any overhead bin, and a smaller bag you can comfortably stuff under the seat in front of you. That's right, folks! No more sharing legroom with your slightly-too-large backpack.

    8. 62% off a Boconi dopp kit to help keep all of your toiletries intact during your travels. Behold! An accessory large enough to house mini shampoos and moisturizers without taking up a ton of space in your carry-on.

    9. Fly from New York to Rome for as low as $337 with Lufthansa.

    10. 23% off an illustrated travel journal filled with thought-provoking prompts in the form of LISTS. Jot down everything from world heritage sites and beaches to festivals and parades you've experienced firsthand — or would *eventually* like to experience.

    11. $79.50 off a Death Valley day trip from Las Vegas for up to six people. Get roundtrip-transportation from your hotel and explore sand dunes, mountain peaks, and creepy old ghost towns).

    12. 25% off select one-way flights with Ryanair. Dublin to Edinburgh for only $16.90? Yes please, savings gods.

    13. 45% off a two-piece Calpak luggage set available in two bright colors (kiwi and creamsicle). Not being able to spot your suitcase at baggage claim = no longer a problem with these vibrant hues.

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