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32 Of The Best Things You Can Get From Amazon Prime Pantry

I'll have about 11 boxes of Cap'n Crunch All Berries.

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WOO. Amazon Prime Pantry lets you, a Prime member, get all the stuff you need — food! body wash! urine remover! — without having to leave the comfort of your couch. Simply fill your pantry box with five or more items, and get it shipped fo' free.

Did I mention there's also many coupons involved? Check out some of the best bargains and buys, below ⬇️️


2. Laundry detergent for the days when you're completely out of clean clothes and think, "okay, it's time."

Promising review: "I will not waste my money buying anything else. My mother used Tide throughout my entire childhood and I've used it my entire adult life; I'm hyper-sensitive to dyes and fragrances and, for whatever reason, Tide does not cause me to break out or itch or even sneeze." —Meg L.

Price: Pack of two for $11.97

3. Fiber One bars that taste like a salted caramel cheesecake...AKA are heaven in a healthy bite.

Promising review: "I absolutely love these bars. They're my favorite snack; surprisingly yummy, not too dry, not too sweet, and definitely not bland. I like that they contain a lot of fiber to help with my digestion. This is a large box of 10 and a great price; I used to buy them at a bulk store but they quit carrying them." —Silvr Craze

Price: $5.23

4. A face wash duo-pack that will help you wake up when it's too early and wind down when it's time for some Zzz's.

Promising review: "I absolutely adore this facial cleansing duo. The morning wash has a nice citrusy scent. It has menthol in it, so it tingles and feels very cool on your skin. Plus, the nighttime wash is so relaxing and calming. This package is the best of both worlds and I never run out!" —Kindle Fire Princess

Price: $8.97

5. Trail mix and almonds that are good for the soul.,

Promising review: "Excellent flavor; these almonds seem like the very best! These seem sweeter and very taster." —Jeffrey Johnson

Price: $7.68 (left) and $22.09 (right)


6. Crunchy peanut butter and chocolate chip Clif bars that will make you want to climb a mountain.,

You know, like the guy on the box.

Promising review: "Another purchase for my 94-year-old mother. She swims every Monday and Wednesday and is famished afterwards. She loves Clif bars and shares them with the bus driver on the way home from her swim class." —31Vickyslady

Price: $5.49 (left) and $5.70 (right)

7. Chocolate grahams and fruit snacks that prove everybunny needs a little snack sometimes.,

Promising review: "Annie's Organic Bunnies are a household favorite. They are a very sweet treat, but I love that they are organic and non-GMO. The Summer Strawberry flavor is one of the top picks here. Amazon Prime Pantry makes it so easy to get the healthier snacks we love at a great price delivered right to our door." —Crissi

Price: $2.82 (left) and $3.31 (right)

8. Body wash that moisturizes your skin with every scrub of your loofah.

Promising review: "I use Dove Body Wash Deep Moisture year-round, although it's especially critical for my sensitive skin in the winter. It makes the difference between skin that needs a little moisturizer and skin that cannot get enough moisturizer. This larger, pump container provides an easy-to-dispense and generous supply. The body wash is a thick, white formula that soaps up well in a mesh body scrub poof. ." —Debbie Lee Wesselmann

Price: $8.47

9. Double Stuf and Golden Oreos that are literally begging you to pour yourself a glass of milk.

Oreos: the world's most dunkable cookies. (Chips Ahoy, who?)

Promising review: "Oreos are love. I love Oreos. These are good. I cannot stop eating them. I would drown in Oreos. Stress goes away when Oreos are present. I would marry Oreos. The gnashing of my teeth against the creamy innards of an Oreo is orgasmic. Please consider taking these home." —Initialjoe

Price: $2.49 (left) and $2.49 (right)


10. Gatorade powder that makes up to six gallons of thirst-quenching goodness.

Promising review: "My kids blow through Gatorade like it's water. I love the powdered cans; it's super cheap compared to purchasing the prepared Gatorade bottles. I also like that I can water it down a bit, which makes the product last longer." —Amanda WP

Price: $8.98

11. Wintergreen and spearmint gum that is better for your teeth. Goodbye, unnecessary sugar!,

Promising review: "Love the packaging and quantity for the price; I am trying to cut back on sugar, but this still tastes great!" —Amazon Customer

Price: $4.09 (left) and $4.09 (right)

12. Sour patch kids that can cut my hair and be mean to me anytime they please, ok?

How sweet they are > how sour they are.

Promising review: "These unique tasting bites of goodness are coated with a sour sugar mixture, so that you taste sour when you pop them in your mouth. Once the coating wears off, they turn sweet — but not an overbearing sweet. The bag they come in is resealable, so it keeps in the freshness between binges." —Jill Fuhrman

Price: $4.70

13. Cookies & Cream and Strawberry pop tarts that are the tasty breakfast (and midnight snack) of champions.

Promising review: "If I want pop tarts, I have to order them since I live in a country where they are not available. I have been burned before while ordering pop tarts through the mail, but these arrived intact with no broken bits. Prime Pantry did a great job of packaging everything in my box, so don't be scared to order." —CaptCrunch8182

Price: $3.67 (left) and $3.67 (right)


15. A delicious casserole for your bite-sized BFF.

Promising review: "My dog is a picky eater; it can take her a long time to actually want to eat a new dry food. As soon as the top was peeled back, she was trying to get into my lap and sniffing at the air. I have never seen her inhale wet food like she did with this and I will definitely be buying more." —Jon Jordan

Price: $1.49

17. Gluten-free bagel chips that don't need to be toasted — and don't require cream cheese or butter.

Promising review: "Would never know these are gluten-free; they taste just like regular bagel chips. Made by Glutino, a Canadian company, that has been producing gluten-free products for 30+ years." —BellaBella by the sea

Price: $3.59


18. A peanut butter and dark chocolate spread that you'll probably just eat with a spoon.

Promising review: "This peanut butter is just delicious! In a family full of diabetics, I'm always lecturing everyone who has Nutella in their cabinets, as Nutella's first ingredient is sugar, making it just awful for you — especially for children. This peanut butter is SO much tastier than Nutella and has nowhere near the sugar. It also has more protein, and is therefore is a great addition to anyone's snack ritual or lunchbox." —Mums

Price: $3.99

19. Organic light brown sugar that'll let you have your cake and eat it, too.

You know, because you can use this while baking a cake.

Promising review: "Love this brown sugar! It has a great taste — the molasses flavor really comes out and doesn't taste fake. No issues with clumping or drying out so far. I've bought this a few times and my current bag is a few months old with no problems. Organic/non-GMO is important to me so I'm happy to have found this for my regular baking." —A. B.

Price: $4.99

20. A Foaming handwash and three refills that'll keep the germs away.

Promising review: "I stumbled across Method foaming soap a couple of years ago and really liked it. When I discovered that they have refills for the bottles, it was even better because it can help me save a lot of money." —mcf343

Price: $2.99 (left) and $4.58 (right)

21. Peanut butter chocolate chip Lara Bars that are good for snackers on the go.

Promising review: "These make an incredible on-the-go breakfast or snack. I tend to grab one and eat it on my way to work and I must say that of all the Larabars I've tried through the years (a TON, especially during college when I ran collegiate track and field and needed a quick and healthy snack), this flavor is by FAR my favorite. The best part about these bars is that you know EXACTLY what you are putting into your body. If you're going to snack, snack smart!" —Alex S

Price $4.99


23. White cheddar and cheddar cheese puffs that are finger-lickin' good. No really, you'll probably lick all the cheesy remnants off your fingers.,

Promising review: "I love cheesy chip snacks! Being the adventurous type, I bought these as an alternative to Cheese Doodles and, honestly, I think these are way better. The cheese in Barbara's has a much more natural taste to them, and the puff has a lighter, less fragmenting crunch, too." —Xavier Bond

Price: $2.99 (left) and $2.99 (right)

25. Coconut oil that has an infinite amount of uses including makeup removal, hair treatments, and baking to name a few.

Promising review: "Great for popcorn and other high-heat cooking with lots of other uses as well. I recently put some in my hair with a warm moist towel and let the towel cool naturally for a deep conditioning treatment. Imparted great shine and texture to my hair!" —Cricket Rue

Price: $20.25


27. Chocolate caramel and vanilla bean instant pudding mixes that Harley Quinn would probably love.,

"Hey puddin'." —Harley Quinn to the pudding packages, featured above.

Promising review: "Quite a large package for the price!" —Nelson

Price: $1.33 (left) and $1.31 (right)

28. A two-pack of toothpaste, because nothing is worse than waking up and realizing you don't have any left.

Promising review: "I love Prime Pantry because you can get exactly what you're looking for, without having to deal with lines at the grocery store or pharmacy. I was very excited that this was a double pack and is definitely cheaper than buying at a store." —Mindy

Price: $5.92

29. Urine remover that cleans up pet (and human) messes like a charm.

Promising review: "My wife personally asked me to write a review because she loves this stuff. We have an old yorkie who seems to pee everywhere and apparently, this product works instantly and better than any of the other stuff she has tried. It's quick and doesn't smell 'chemically,' as she put it. Got the yellow out of the marble floors and rugs he frequents." —Edgar Ruiz Jr.

Price: $4.48


30. Vitamin Water lemonade bottles that are squeezable. Enough said.

Promising review: "I tried this product because it appeared to be the only enriched water product with a diet version that doesn't contain artificial sweeteners. This flavor is AWESOME — it is tastier and closer to fresh lemonade than any other bottled beverage I've ever tried, diet or not." —Lisa C.

Price: $4.46

31. Pizza crust mix that justifies turning your dinner into a full-blown pizza party.

Promising review: "OMG this is the best. I've been gluten-free since 2001, and I can tell you that this is the best pizza dough I've ever had." —Amazon Customer

Price: $3.79

32. Velveeta and Annie's macaroni and cheese dinners...

...even though Kraft will always have a special place in my heart.

Promising review: "I am a Kraft fan at heart, but every now and then I appreciate some Shells and Cheese. I only purchase these from Amazon because it's cheaper than our local grocery store; the package of three is super convenient!" —Sadie

Price: $5.98 (left) and $1.83 (right)

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