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    38 Inexpensive Products That You Should Probably Just Buy For Your Bathroom

    Wow, something to make my tub not look like trash? Sign me up.

    1. An over-the-drain protector for anyone with a pop-up drain that is a: the bane of their existence and b: constantly getting clogged. This can quickly be placed on top of the drain to trap gunk, plus can be easily removed and cleaned.

    reviewer photo of the gray pop-up drain protector

    2. A two-paneled, padded foam pillow with ultra-strong suction cups that will actually stick to your tub. So long, resting my head on straight porcelain whilst trying to have a relaxing bath.

    white two-paneled pillow on tub

    3. La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 Balm – a multi-purpose balm suitable for face, body, lips, and hands. A nonsticky combination of shea butter and glycerin soothes irritated skin in a jiffy — and despite how moisturizing it is, reviewers swear that it doesn't cause breakouts. Not all heroes wear capes.

    before and after photo of reviewer on left with visibly red skin labeled "8:41pm" and on right, visibly less red skin labeled "10:47pm"

    4. An expandable and adjustable wooden caddy tray that even has a designated spot for your wineglass. Picture a fizzy bath bomb and perhaps a good show streaming on Netflix, perched on a sturdy surface that guarantees your laptop won't suffer water damage.

    5. A power scrubber kit equipped with three different-sized attachments, each one perfect for the corners, floor, and door of your shower. This takes off years of accumulated build-up in just mere minutes, doing a better (and faster) job than you would have been able to do by hand. To quote the poet that is Daft Punk: this is just better, faster, and stronger.

    6. A cult-favorite Squatty Potty that currently has over 10,000 reviews on Amazon. What is the purpose of it, you ask? It enables your body to mimic a squatting position that turns *ahem* longer bathroom breaks into a much easier affair.

    the white Squatty potty

    7. A eucalyptus bundle for an easy (and foolproof) way to add a bit of aromatherapy to the otherwise boring ritual of showering. This one is even wrapped with natural twine so you can easily hang it from your shower head.

    twine-wrapped eucalyptus hanging from shower head

    8. A fizzy bath bomb that smells divine (we're green tea, honey, lavender, and chamomile) and looks worthy of a photo for the 'gram. Plus, it evolves from a storm cloud into a rainbow and I feel like that's the energy I'm really looking for in 2020. Transformation, my friends.

    9. Radha Beauty Rosehip Oil – it's currently negotiating a movie deal with Marvel: This little bebé is truly a superhero worthy of its own franchise. Reviewers swear that this delivers on its promise of glowing skin by morning, tackling redness, scarring, dehydration, and acne whilst you sleep.

    Reviewer's before-and-after of broken-out cheek and then clear cheek with caption that says "just wow"

    10. A suction holder that ~mustache~ you an important question: Aren't you sick and tired of not having a proper spot for your razor!? This nifty tool keeps it stored, within arms reach, and out of water to prevent rust from forming prematurely.

    the holder storing a razor in the shower

    11. A jetted cleaner with results so fantastic, they'll both satisfy and concern you: This lures out all the hidden grime lurking in your tub, aka the kind that was absolutely present when you took that last bath.

    review pic of dirty looking suds in a tub

    12. A tub stopper that allows for extra inches of water and ergo a deeper soak. Pair it with a cupholder caddy for your glass of vino, and voila. You don't even need a fancy clawfoot tub. Ultimate relaxation is already yours.

    13. A no-rinse Head and Shoulders scalp treatment to hit the reset button on dryness and itching for up to 24 hours. The unsung heroes in this raved-about product? Coconut and peppermint oil. (Healthy hair starts at the root, i.e. your scalp — give this a try if you've been desperately trying to grow out or strengthen your mane!)

    reviewer before and after photo of dandruff on the left and none on the right

    14. A Billie starter kit that includes a colorful ergonomic handle, two rust- and nickel-free razor blades, *and* a magnetic holder that will actually adhere to your shower wall (a true miracle).

    15. A nonabrasive Bar Keepers Friend cleansing and polishing powder so you can destroy years of icky build-up on all of your porcelain, copper, glass, tile, stainless-steel, plastic, and brass. Now grab your iPhone, folks, because the "after" photos are about to get GOOD.

    before and after photo of dirty porcelain sink on top and the sink looking clean on bottom

    16. An outlet shelf to turn empty wall space into extra storage. Simply replace your current outlet with this one (no worries, you'll get all the mounting tools you'll need for the job) and wave hello to a permanent spot for the electric toothbrush in your bathroom. The road has been a long one.

    17. Quinn's alcohol-free toner infused with aloe vera and witch hazel, the latter of which is truly *chef's kiss* when it comes to pretty much any skin ailment: acne, excess oil, puffiness, and razor bumps.

    reviewer holding up clear bottle with black cap labeled "Quinn's witch hazel unscented"

    18. A shower caddy with an adhesive backing strong enough to withstand all of your conditioners (of which you inexplicably have, like, a million). Just peel, stick on your shower wall, wait twelve hours, and you're good to go.

    19. A hard water stain-remover so that your faucets can finally have a fair chance at looking brand new. So long, days of staring at my gross shower head that looks awful despite hours (upon hours) of scrubbing.

    Reviewer's before-and-after picture of their shower faucet with hard water stains and then totally clean

    20. The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter – it turns removing makeup into a luxurious bedtime ritual thanks to a rich, creamy chamomile formula. This scoffs in the face of stubborn mascara, removing every last drop of product from your face with ease... now put down the makeup wipes. We're better than that.

    21. A vegan bath soak that enlists the help of organic bladderwrack seaweed to soothe your complexion. Treating your skin is as easy as one, two, lay down in the bath with a good book and preferably some wine.

    black packaging labeled "whole seaweed detox bath"

    22. A mop-and-bucket set with reusable microfiber pads that scrub away stubborn stains in no time. This deep cleans stone, tile, laminate, hardwood, vinyl, bamboo, cement, baseboards, and drywall with little effort required on your end, plus a 280-degree swivel head means you can reach *all* those pesky nooks and crannies.

    23. An exfoliating towel so you can tackle a word that strikes fear into your heart: Backne. This effectively removes layers of dead skin that would otherwise lead to scarring — reviewers swear by using this in combo with Mario Badescu botanical body soap to make their back all but invincible to breakouts.

    BuzzFeed Editor Emma McAnaw wearing an open back dress

    24. A Scotch-Brite toilet kit equipped with a handle, storage caddy, and five disposable cleaners to make porcelain throne upkeep as easy as one, number two, three.

    model using white wand brush to clean toilet

    25. A water-based tile pen that makes deep cleaning grout feel like filling in the pages of an adult coloring book. Consider mold banished after a few swipes of this nontoxic formula, which releases anti-bacterial agents with each pass.

    26. A removal gel for deep cleaning those easy-to-forget corners of your bathroom that are a cesspool of mildew. Ew. Luckily, this powerful product will deep clean with little scrubbing required on your part.

    (Left) A photo of mold on a shower well (Right) The same shower wall with the mold cleaned away

    27. A Squatty Potty toilet spray that is your new #1 (*ahem* not #2) when it comes to eliminating...odors. Spray this essential oil and real gold nanoparticle blend into the toilet before getting down to business; all smells will be trapped and no evidence will be left behind. Really. We promise.

    five of the Unicorn Gold poop spays

    28. Bestool Detangler Brush – it's especially fantastic for 3a to 4c hair: It's designed with eight flexible combs that turns detangling wet *or* dry hair into a pain-free process. So long, tearing out strands in the name of more defined curls! We've just streamlines that process forever.

    Reviewer's picture with frizzy curls and then defined curls

    29. An Iron Out spray gel for anyone whose cleaning products have been a little ~rusty~ lately. This promises to get rid of hard water rust build-up like it's no one's business.

    30. A vinyl decal capable of transforming your bathroom into one that Moaning Myrtle would want to haunt. Plus, it provides an express route to your job — which is with the Ministry of Magic, of course.

    reviewer photo of the decal

    31. A power scrubber that quickly ~scrubs~ away the stubborn soap scum you've been disgusted by for ages, but quietly ignored until now. This will have every corner of your bathroom looking sparkling clean.

    32. A Hask shampoo + conditioner duo to provide tresses with an extra layer of protection, using organic rose oil and peach extract to seal in color while also giving bounce, body, and shine. Want to be cast in a shampoo commercial? This is step one toward that royalty check.

    two light pink shampoo bottles with dark pink caps

    33. A FlexiSnake millipede not meant for the faint of heart. Use this to easily de-clog every drain in your home, but prepare for the horror you'll experience as you dig up about one million pounds of hair and built-up gunk.

    34. A vanity organizer for all the mundane items you use on the daily. Whether it's hairspray or your overpriced perfume, consider it a small miracle that you'll now *always* be able to spot your deodorant.

    white organizer with two drawer and eight spots for products

    35. A toothpaste holder with a toothpaste *squeezer* to make sure you get every last minty drop trapped in that damn tube. (One reviewer even describes this as ingenious and TBH, they are not wrong.)

    36. A TubShroom drain protector invented by a wizard to catch all the hair in your shower (the kind that inevitably leads to clogs). Just think of this magic weapon as your new bathroom bodyguard *and* an easy way to avoid emergency phone calls to your plumber.

    reviewer photo of orange tubshroom with hair

    37. A shower curtain liner with mesh pockets for anyone done with cluttering the corners of their (very tiny) bathtub via an excess of shampoo bottles. You like one for volume and you like the other for strength; I get it. This makes it easy to store a ton of stuff without making your tub feel cluttered.

    38. A bamboo toilet topper tray so that you can store extra rolls of toilet paper in a way that seems, dare I say, chic!? This is the ideal piece for making super mundane things seem like part of the decor.

    reviewer photo of the wooden tray

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