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    All The Best Cyber Weekend Travel Deals

    Deals on hotels, flights, and fantastic travel products alike.

    1. Packing cubes for 15% off! Not only do these simple organizers keep everything looking nice and neat, but they're also capable of cramming your entire wardrobe into something as small as your carry-on. Because who cares if you're only going away for a weekend? You need multiple outfit options and by multiple outfit options, I mean you need at least 97 dresses and 34 pairs of shoes.

    2. A passport wallet for 27% off because there is NOTHING WORSE than losing an important document whilst traveling — and this pretty accessory prevents all "lost your wallet" mishaps.

    3. Select hotels at Expedia for up to 60% off.

    4. An Anker power strip for 27% off so that you can charge multiple devices at once.

    5. A hanging toiletry bag for 45% off you'll be able to hang up in the hotel bathroom for easy access to all of your, well, toiletries. The compact size means it doesn't take up a ton of room in your suitcase, but the deep pockets allow for a TON of storage.

    6. Select deals for up to 40% off.

    7. Leak-proof silicone tubes for 25% off that let you pack your go-to moisturizers, shampoos, and face washes — WITHOUT HAVING TO WORRY ABOUT ANY LEAKAGE.

    8. Scheduled 2020 trips at Intrepid Travel for 20% (plus 30% off adventure cruises and trips to Antarctica).

    9. A travel-sized Evian spray for 25% off you'll want to store in your carry-on for a little mid-travel pick-me-up. This TSA-approved bottle is designed with a leak-proof canister to ensure it doesn't explode onto all of your stuff, plus it guarantees a blast of moisture — a necessity considering all the recycled air your complexion will be hit with.

    10. EF Ultimate Break tours for up to $1200 off.

    11. A carry-on AmazonBasics backpack for 34% off large enough to store all of your weekend getaway essentials, but small enough to get you through budget airline checkins without having to pay additional luggage fees.

    12. A neck pillow for 62% off designed to help your head remain upright and prevent your noggin from falling down whenever you begin to snooze. Neck soreness after taking a quick airplane snooze = now gone.

    13. Flight fees at for $50 off.

    14. Rooms for 20% off and suites for 30% off if you're a member/sign up to become a member at Hyatt Hotels.

    15. Download the Hotwire app and get 10% off bookings of $100+, $40 off bookings of $300+, and $70 off bookings of $500+.

    16. A travel jewelry organizer for 30% off perfect for for alllllll the jewelry currently tangled up in a random shoe box you've stuffed into the back of your closet. 'Tis time to sort through it and Marie Kondo throw away the stuff you hate — then simply place all remaining items in this gorgeous container.

    17. A luggage scale for 24% you should buy now because you'll treasure it for forever. Overweight baggage fees, which I know from personal experience/shame can cost upwards of $100, are not the fee you want to pay before embarking on an overseas adventure.

    18. A LifeStraw personal water filter for 20% off to take on your next camping trip! This filters out all the icky bacteria out of pond, lake, and river water and turns it into something you can actually drink.

    19. Select Amtrak fares at 35% off.

    20. Flights with Alaska Airlines starting as low as $29.

    21. A Madewell packable puffer jacket for 30% off.

    22. Tours throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and more at TourRadar for up to 60% off.

    23. Travel products (like neck pillows and compression socks) up to 40% off.

    24. Flights at TAP Air Portugal for 20% off.

    25. Select luggage at Swissgear for up to 40% off.

    26. Select flights at Ryanair for up to 25% off.

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