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17 Airbnb's In Latin America You'll Probably Want To Book

Brace yourself for tree houses, infinity pools, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

1. A tree house in Costa Rica that, along with the serenity experienced while being at one with straight nature, even grants you access to 12 natural hot and cool springs. A cabin in the woods < a literal tree house in the rain forest.

2. A private room in this colonial Havana, Cuba home guaranteed to make you feel as if you need to re-think the color scheme of your own humble abode.

3. A private apartment located close to the heart of Tulum, Mexico but not right in the center of the bustling city. This means that you can bike to all the hotspots during the day while enjoying some much-needed peace and quiet at night.

4. A spacious apartment in Bogotá, Colombia complete with an indoor fireplace, a location that puts you just steps away from amazing restaurants, and the kind of views that make my at-home view (i.e. a brick wall) seem...pretty insufficient.

5. A sun-drenched apartment in Buenos Aires, Argentina that has the kind of natural sunlight I wish I had in my own home. Sure, the sprawling terrace is lovely, but the ability to know that your makeup is fully blended? Priceless.

6. A studio apartment in Panama City, Panama you'll want to book right this second. Equipped with a gorgeous balcony that overlooks the entire city, this spot offers prime real estate for sipping your morning coffee and nightly glass of wine.

7. A secluded tree house in Florianópolis, Brazil that screams romantic getaway. Enjoy breakfast on the deck, overlooking beaches and greenery so beautiful that they look unreal.

8. A spacious apartment in Montevideo, Uruguay designed with a huge skylight and touches of exposed brick...which, really, what more do you need to know? This apartment looks like my Pinterest dreams realized.

9. A sprawling villa in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic that's spacious enough for larger groups. Whether traveling with family or a group of friends, this modern abode (and the not-impressive-at-all private pool) will make for a fabulous getaway.

10. A two-floor loft in Santiago, Chile you should book with caution. Why? Booking this hunk of perfect real estate basically guarantees that you'll spend your entire vacation indoors.

11. An apartment suite in Quito, Ecuador with *le gasp* floor to ceiling windows. The most breathtaking view of the city will be yours, and you won't need to fumble over other tourists in order to get an uninterrupted picture.

12. A flower-filled apartment in Lima, Peru that immediately makes the word ~sleek~ come to mind. In addition to magnificent lighting and touches of art, amenities include a gym, a sauna, an outdoor kitchen, a pool, and a sprawling rooftop.

13. A bamboo cabana in Armenia, Colombia located in the heart of the Andean Mountains. While I'm typically not a sucker for love, I pretty much demand that the next great romantic comedy be filmed here. It has to be.

14. A tree house in San Juan, Puerto Rico complete with a floating deck, a communal outdoor kitchen (yay for making new friends!), a spiral staircase, an outdoor shower, and a cozy hammock that is basically calling my name. 10/10, I would live here.

15. A spacious apartment in La Paz, Bolivia that has (and I cannot stress this enough) a 👏 panoramic 👏 view 👏 of the city. Prepare yourself for mornings spent gazing out at both snow-capped mountains and colorful buildings whilst sipping your morning caffeine.

16. A beach front property in San Luis la Herradura, El Salvador guaranteed to be absolute perfection for your next family getaway. There's a pool! There's a beach! There's a garden! What more does a soul need?

17. A beachside apartment in Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica with a gorgeous lit-up pool AKA you'll be able to fulfill your night swimming fantasies (sans the nervousness of feeling like a mysterious creature is lurking below your feet).

Me, realizing that I will probably never have an apartment with floor to ceiling windows as featured above:

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