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    22 Gorgeous Engagement Rings That Won't Make You Go Broke

    Do you have a small budget? Because...I DO.

    1. A diamond double bar ring designed to really raise the bar on what all engagement rings should aspire to be.

    2. A rainbow moonstone ring known to make recipients feel ~over the moon~ with happiness.

    3. A princess-cut ring that lives up to its name: It really will make you feel like royalty. Kate Middleton, who?

    4. A dainty ring perfect for anyone ready to tie the knot. Warning: This product cannot be untangled.

    5. A morganite and diamond ring obsessed with karaoke. It's always requesting to sing "Marry Me" by Train.

    6. A black diamond gold ring so elegant you'll want to get down on one knee and propose to your damn self.

    7. A pear-cut morganite ring that is ~apearantly~ not on my finger yet, even though that's where it belongs.

    8. A classic diamond ring for a look that's just as timeless as your love for each other. *blushes*

    9. A simple diamond ring that — if rings could verbally communicate — would scream "I'M DAINTY!"

    10. A yellow gold nova ring rumored to have inspired Prota Zoa's hit song "Supernova Girl."

    11. A white topaz ring not intended for people who drool. This will definitely worsen your problem.

    12. A simple diamond ring that I sincerely hope Kit proposed to Rose with. You know, when he bent the knee.

    13. A morganite and diamond ring set referred to by Beyoncé in "Single Ladies."

    14. An opal ring known to be a bit of a thief. For example, it may take your breath away. Who knows if you'll ever get it back.

    15. A moonstone ring set rumored to have powers of invisibility. If you begin whispering "my precious," contact the seller right away.

    16. A moonstone ring recovered from an enchanted forest. Someone probably lost it. But hey, finders keepers.

    17. A yellow sapphire ring to make your finger feel like it's walking on sunshine. Whoa.

    18. An oval morganite ring you might just want to get as a gift from yourself, to yourself. Understandable.

    19. A quartz ring guaranteed to make your future fiancé say, "Of quartz I'll marry you."

    20. A diamond opal ring for the person who prefers to dress their fingers in unique, vintage-inspired styles.

    21. A rose gold promise ring already added to your shopping cart. Two words: heart eyes.

    22. A black onyx ring for the person who would like their soul to be reflected in their jewelry choices.

    Looking at all the above rings like: