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    32 Basic Pieces Of Clothing You'll Wear Over And Over Again

    "Lizzie McGuire, you are an outfit repeater!" —Kate Sanders, who is both an outfit rememberer and also the worst. If an outfit is good, you *should* repeat it.

    1. Skinny jeans made from a cozy, stretchy denim that will make even your leggings seem uncomfortable. Plus, they're available in the perfect dark wash — the kind that looks super put-together even when you are not, in fact, feeling put-together.

    2. A strappy two-piece because little black dresses are great and all, but little black bikinis? An absolute necessity.

    3. High-waisted denim shorts that are thankfully cut to be on the slightly longer side, meaning long gone will be the days of worrying if one/both of your cheeks are exposed to the world.

    4. A ponte boyfriend blazer you can layer over a wrinkled white tee and PRESTO! You'll suddenly look as if you exude sophistication and professionalism, even if the reality is that you snoozed through your alarm and were almost late for a meeting. Again.

    5. A sleeveless tee because humidity has arrived and with it, an endless amount of sweat. Presenting the easiest way to wear as little clothing as possible while still feeling dressed up enough in your stuffy office building. You’re welcome.

    6. High-rise straight jeans that are denim perfection. They're designed with a touch of stretch and a lightweight fabric that will always fit exactly as they did when you first got 'em — in other words, they won't shrink in the wash or bag at the knees. Result!

    7. A V-neck tee made from a buttery soft material that’ll have you swooning every time you slip it on. Add some stripes, a red lip, and voila! suddenly you’ve just come back from a trip to Paris, freshly-baked baguette in hand.

    8. A V-neck jumpsuit perfect for any time, any place, and any location. Plus, it's made with a snazzy wrinkle-resistant fabric that will always look as it were just taken the cleaners. Which it most certainly was not.

    9. A basic t-shirt dress you can hypothetically wear 365 days a year. Pair this with some statement jewelry, your favorite booties, and BAM! You're now both comfortable and stylish, and it took about 0% effort to get you there.

    10. High-waisted leggings comparable to products from pricier brands, but have no fear! These are significantly more affordable.

    11. A rib knit bodysuit that can literally be worn with any difficult-to-match bottom, from that lime green skirt you bought on sale to those trendy culottes that look better on Instagram but OH WELL.

    12. An A-line skirt practically begging to be featured in your latest Instagram story. Let's get a runway twirl captured by a Boomerang, shall we?

    13. A racerback sports bra comfy enough for sleep, but supportive enough for the gym. Who needs underwire poking into their ribcage? Not us.

    14. Distressed cutoffs you shouldn't even put back in your drawer. Just leave it on your floor for the night. The odds of you wearing them yet again tomorrow are...extremely high.

    15. A lace-up mini dress because (and I cannot stress this enough) EVERYONE NEEDS A LITTLE BLACK DRESS. It's timeless, you can wear it anywhere, and your shoes will never clash. Truly a dream.

    16. A button-down top you will wear from now until the end of time. To infinity and beyond. Until the cows come home. Until pigs begin to speak, sprout wings, and fly. In other words — it'll never ever go out of style.

    17. An off-shoulder maxi dress so gorgeous, you’ll struggle to keep it out of the grubby paws of your roommate (who steals your clothes and your food more than your own flesh and blood does).

    18. A pleated V-neck top ideal for every ~we're all going out~ event you have coming up this month. Birthday dinner? Karaoke nights? Dreaded high school reunions? Get ready to slay 'em all.

    19. A denim jacket that can layered over any and every outfit for instant style and warmth. Wardrobe, meet your newest staple.

    20. A basic crewneck tee available in a leopard print, which means it’s actually not basic at all. A fun print + an easy to style silhouette = pure bliss for the person who would like to be trendy, but is constantly running late.

    21. A double-breasted houndstooth blazer capable of taking your outfit from drab to fab in about .7 seconds. Who is chic without having to try? You, of course.

    22. High-waisted skinny jeans dubbed the ~road trip~ jeans because they're cozy and lightweight enough to wear while sitting in a car for multiple hours on end. And to that, I say wow.

    23. A jersey knit tank dress you'll be able to quickly throw on when you've agreed to meet your friends for lunch at 2:30. The time is now 3:15 and you've got to hurry it up.

    24. A maxi dress that has convertible straps meaning — YES — this one dress will be like owning one million dresses. This can be worn as a halter dress, a one-shoulder dress, a strapless dress, an off-the-shoulder dress, and ETCETERA.

    25. High-rise ankle pants that are perfect for your nine to five — and if you didn't finish the last part of that sentence while humming to the tune of Dolly Parton's finest, then go back and do it again.

    26. A sleeveless lace number you'll never have to worry about re-tucking into your bottom of choice because SURPRISE, it's a bodysuit and is therefore guaranteed to stay put.

    27. A ruffle wrap dress with a clear destiny. What is the destiny, you ask? It involves being worn to every single thing you have coming up this month, from college friend catch up drinks you dumbly agreed to at the beginning of the week to the dinner date you have with your mom.

    28. A lace trim camisole for whenever you're running late, which is pretty much always. Just slip this on, pair it with whatever bottom, throw your hair into a chic messy bun (emphasis on the messy), and that's it! You're ready. No one will notice that you were *ahem* 45 minutes late.

    29. An off-the-shoulder cocktail dress guaranteed to get you at least (*AT LEAST*) 95,078 compliments today. Warning: The ego on this thing is already pretty inflated.

    30. A button-up top you can truly pair with any bottom, whether it be your trusty denim shorts or the polarizing flare jeans you just spontaneously purchased and aren’t sure if you actually like (but they were on sale so GUESS WHAT you snagged em anyway).

    31. A distressed denim mini skirt for days/nights in which you don't feel like wearing your usual uniform of leg prisons. And by leg prisons, I mean pants. Ditch the pants.

    32. A cami top you'll want to stock up on in all 18 available prints/colors, seeing as how it's guaranteed to become your new ~warm weather dressing~ uniform.

    Wearing that black jumpsuit for the third time this week like:

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