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    27 Bathing Suits From Asos You'll Want To Wear Right Now

    You'll want to wear 'em all summer long.

    1. A halter bikini designed to have your admirers singing "Lady in Red" whenever you walk past 'em.

    2. An embroidered halter and high-waist combo that adds some flair to your LBB: Little Black Bikini.

    3. A bardot bikini guaranteed to have you asking important questions like, "Do I need to wear real clothes?"

    4. A yellow bikini symbolic of all the sunshine your body will finally be getting. It’s about damn time.

    5. A marble print bikini originally designed by unicorns. Eventually, humans started to copy them.

    6. A white bikini to enhance your sun-kissed skin. Just watch out for popsicles... you might melt them.

    7. A gorgeous one-piece guaranteed to have you slow running toward the water, Baywatch-style.

    8. A black one-piece you'll wear all year long. Just lie and say it's a bodysuit, then pair it with some high-waisted jeans.

    9. A lace-up bikini that'll really enjoys the beach-each. It'll really inspire you to go get away. —Nicki Minaj

    10. A gingham bikini great for beach trips—specifically, beach trips that involve some sort of picnic.

    11. A marble bikini rumored to have been the inspiration behind Calvin Haris' hit song, "Summer."

    12. A bikini top you can mix and match with any kind of bottom. Go crazy! Be creative!

    13. A halter bikini with a beautiful floral print. Because no one cares what you think, Miranda Priestly.

    14. High leg swimsuits not intended for the faint of heart. Deciding which color to wear will not be easy...

    15. One-pieces with a Full House obsession. They took Uncle Joey's "cut it out" line WAY too far.

    16. An underwire bikini that should not be overshadowed by a cover-up, thank you very much.

    17. A swimsuit with strong Starburst opinions: it fervently believes that red and pink are the best in the bag.

    18. A crocheted bikini to trick all your friends into thinking you're a DIY expert. Just lie and say you made it yourself.

    19. Am ombre bikini sold exclusively at King Triton's shop, located under the sea in Atlantica.

    20. A floral bikini with adorable straps you won't be able to stop "awww"-ing at.

    21. A tropical print bikini that totally warrants a tropical vacation. Treat yourself, you know?

    22. A cherry blossom bikini I can't describe without my mind immediately thinking of the Bath & Body Works scent.

    23. A dotted cream and nude bikini designed for the ~cream~ of the crop. You know, VIPs and such.

    24. A floral bikini with a very persuasive personality. It just forced me to book an an all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean!

    25. A sporty bikini set you'll never want to take off. Summer is forever. Winter is not coming. Please get off my case.

    26. A tie-dye bikini with a very laid-back attitude. Its hobbies include swimming, surfing, and saying "tubular."

    27. A cactus suit you should wash thoroughly with fabric softener. While it looks fantastic, the material can be a bit prickly.

    Must. Have. Them. All.