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27 Bathing Suits From Asos You'll Want To Wear Right Now

You'll want to wear 'em all summer long.

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1. A halter bikini designed to have your admirers singing "Lady in Red" whenever you walk past 'em.

3. A bardot bikini guaranteed to have you asking important questions like, "Do I need to wear real clothes?"

The answer is no, you do not need to wear real clothes.

Price: $17.50 (top) and $14 (bottom) / Available in sizes 2-12.


4. A yellow bikini symbolic of all the sunshine your body will finally be getting. It’s about damn time.

“Dear diary, it's been 202 days since I last made contact with the sun…” —me throughout winter.

Price: $19 (top) and $13 (bottom) / Available in sizes 0-12.

5. A marble print bikini originally designed by unicorns. Eventually, humans started to copy them.

7. A gorgeous one-piece guaranteed to have you slow running toward the water, Baywatch-style.


9. A lace-up bikini that'll really enjoys the beach-each. It'll really inspire you to go get away. —Nicki Minaj

11. A marble bikini rumored to have been the inspiration behind Calvin Haris' hit song, "Summer."

TMZ recently reported that Calvin Harris fell in love with this swimsuit — and then wrote a song about it. It allegedly helped him get over T-Swift.

Price: $21 (top) and $17.50 (bottom) / Available in sizes 2-14.


13. A halter bikini with a beautiful floral print. Because no one cares what you think, Miranda Priestly.

15. One-pieces with a Full House obsession. They took Uncle Joey's "cut it out" line WAY too far.


17. A swimsuit with strong Starburst opinions: it fervently believes that red and pink are the best in the bag.

Strawberry and cherry are the best Starburst flavors. This is a fact.

Price: $19 (top) and $16 (bottom) / Available in sizes 0-12.

18. A crocheted bikini to trick all your friends into thinking you're a DIY expert. Just lie and say you made it yourself.

They will absolutely believe you! ***nervous giggle***

Price: $29 (top, available in sizes 30DD/E-38I) and $19 (hipster bottom, available in sizes 0-14).

19. Am ombre bikini sold exclusively at King Triton's shop, located under the sea in Atlantica.

Ariel herself has been spotted wearing this bikini while running errands.

Price: $17.50 (top) and $14 (bottom) / Available in sizes 2-12.


21. A tropical print bikini that totally warrants a tropical vacation. Treat yourself, you know?

23. A dotted cream and nude bikini designed for the ~cream~ of the crop. You know, VIPs and such.

Whenever I write the word "dot," I immediately think of Cruella de Vil. Am I the only one? Is my brain weird?

Price: $24 (top) and $13 (bottom) / Available in sizes XS-L.


24. A floral bikini with a very persuasive personality. It just forced me to book an an all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean!

"What was I supposed to do? Say no?" —me explaining the situation to my credit card.

Price: $23 (top) and $14.50 (bottom) / Available in sizes 0-14.

25. A sporty bikini set you'll never want to take off. Summer is forever. Winter is not coming. Please get off my case.