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21 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wishlist

Mermaid tails, Shakespearean insult bandages, inflatable unicorn horns, and 18 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

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Psst! Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and registries most often.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:

1. A mermaid tail to keep you warm and cozy.

Promising Review: "It's perfect for a chilly night on the boat, camping or just lounging about the house. The material is soft and warm, not itchy or clingy. At 70" long, it was definitely long enough for me to sleep in. It came with a cute little mermaid necklace and a nice note detailing care instructions, materials used, etc. I'm very satisfied with this product, especially for the relatively low cost." —Brentley

Price: $20.88

2. A Dead Sea mud mask that is great for breakout-prone skin.

Promising Review: "Got rid of my acne! Still working on the scars but my skin looks great so far. Very happy!" —edymar g.

Price: $14.20

3. Bluetooth wireless headphones that are a bang for your buck.

Promising Review: "These are great headphones for listening to music and taking calls on Bluetooth. I hardly noticed the difference in sound quality between this product and my other expensive earbuds. Overall extremely impressed and satisfied with my purchase for the price. Would recommend to everyone!" —Amazon customer

Price: $9.30

4. A how-to guide that basically guarantees Instagram fame.

Promising Review: "Beautiful book from well-known blogger Aimee Song about photography, style and art of bringing beauty to Instagram community. She tells about business principles and all other things about Instagram as a media platform." —Catherine

Price: $12.16

5. A light switch cover sMUGGLEd out of Diagon Alley.

Promising Review: "Well crafted item that looks absolutely gorgeous around my light switch! I really couldn't be happier with my purchase. Even the heads of the screws to install it are painted to match. Guaranteed to make me smile every time I turn on or off the light! Shipping was also super fast, arriving well before the estimated date! Two HUGE thumbs up!" —Erin Parsons

Price: $14.50

6. A laundry basket that will convince you to get off your butt and do your damn laundry.

Promising Review: "This laundry bag is sturdy but collapsible. It is made of a tarp material, so I know it is relatively waterproof. It also has two durable handles that I know will last when I carry the bag down to the laundry room." —hsa

Price: $17.99

7. A projector that will change movie nights as you know them.

Promising Review: "Y'all. This is worth it. We do hook up a speaker (actually directly to our computer, which seems to work better), but this thing is amazeballs for the price. It's great regardless of the price, but the price makes me happy." —Amazon customer

Price: $97.95

8. An area rug that looks like it came straight from Pinterest heaven.

Promising Review: "We've had this rug for a few months now and I am surprised at how well it's held up with two cats and a messy 7-year-old! It is SO easy to clean! Just stick it in the wash, delicate cycle and use a mild detergent. Hang dry for the day and brush it out when ready." —Evelyn

Price: $21.99

9. Edgar Allen Poe bandages that make being clumsy seem intellectual.

Promising Review: "I am a middle school teacher teaching an Edgar Allan Poe unit and I plan to use these as part of a gift bag at the end of the unit. Package arrived with plastic intact. I love the tin the bandages come in — perfect item for the Poe collector." —wendyh

Price: $7.46

10. Not a Poe fan? Then why not try these Shakespearean insult bandages?

Promising Review: "If one must cover a small but hideous wound, there is no classier way to add insult to injury than these bandages." —H

Price: $7.69

11. A memory pillow to help you get some pain-free Zzz's.

Promising Review: "This is the most comfortable pillow I have ever used. I have neck and spinal injuries from an RTA, so a supportive pillow is essential. The pillow isn't hard like some of the other memory foam pillows I have used, and is worth every penny." —Amazon customer

Price: $34.99

12. A Himalayan body scrub that exfoliates and moisturizes skin.

Promising Review: "This is way beyond lovely! Great product and worth the price. Leaves your skin really soft and supple! Go for it, I'm definitely getting it again." —Pogba

Price: $10.95

13. Ankle booties with a cut-out design that you'd probably wear every single day.

Promising Review: "A few years ago I sprained my ankle really bad in Disney (LONG story) and I haven't been able to wear heels. UNTIL NOW. These boots are freakin' adorable and so comfortable. I even went for a 30 min walk at lunch the other day with not a blister in sight. And my ankles didn't snap. Success!" —Amy

Price: $19.98+

14. A cordless electric kettle with temperature control to keep your tongue safe from burning.

Promising Review: “Excellent kettle. We use it multiple times every day for coffee and tea. Haven’t had any issues over the last year that we’ve had it. Very happy with our purchase." —Ganesh K

Price: $74.10

15. A build-your-own computer kit that will help you learn how to code.

Promising Review: "Talk about COOL! Our 10-year-old son can't stop saying, 'I LOVE THIS.' And he does! He built the set himself and has been working through the instructions using story mode (while playing Minecraft) and loves it. He feels super encouraged about his abilities to build, code and learn — and it's great to see him perfecting his skills while having fun! We highly recommend this kit for any child (or adult) keen to learn to code, who loves Minecraft, or is just plain curious." —Mme Julie Harris

Price: $299

16. A tissue dispenser that isn't a cardboard eyesore.

Promising Review: "Day 17: The disguise is working. The humans still haven't realized I'm a tissue box." —Anvita Patwardhan

Price: $15.29

17. An inflatable unicorn horn that is purrrfect for your cat.

Promising Review: "THIS WAS AMAZING. My cat probably hates me now, but totally worth it. Me and my kitty went as unicorns for Halloween, and this horn provided not only a big enough string to comfortably tie around her fat head, but also a super cute look!" —amber

Price: $6.50

18. Earrings that are so pretty, they're almost painful to look at.

Promising Review: "Love these — sometimes they're blue/green and other times they're cranberry red. Planning on buying two more pairs as gifts." —Buy Art

Price: $28

19. Liquid chalk markers that aren't like regular chalk — they're like cool chalk.

Promising Review: “Absolutely LOVE this product! I didn’t even know these existed, if i had.. I would’ve used it for EVERYTHING! The writing does not wipe easily like regular chalk, which is good because you avoid smudging! To wipe from the chalkboard we used, we just wiped with a damp towel.” —Amel & Joey

Price: $12.95

20. The complete Beetlejuice animated series for when the cult movie just isn't enough.

Promising Review: "Spawned from the cult classic comedy created by Tim Burton (who also produced this cartoon), this show lasted longer than you'd expect it would've. When you watch the show you'll find yourself laughing, especially as an adult! I highly recommend!" —Zach chichwak

Price: $34.99

21. And emergency underpants because accidents happen.

Promising Review: "I keep them in my desk at work, my purse, my care glove box and I make sure I pack them for trips. These have made living with unforeseeable code browns bearable. Never again will I walk around with a poop stain - no sir. I have my emergency underpants!" –Sweetiebeane

Price: $6.37

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