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21 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Wine condoms, a grow-a-girlfriend kit, Abraham Lincoln bandages, and 18 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Psst! Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and registries most often.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:

1. Wine condoms, the new way to store opened bottles of wine that are for some reason not empty.

Promising Review: "These are incredible! I love the fact that I can now store my unused wine and it still tastes just as good as when I first opened the bottle. They come in little packets, so I can carry them in my purse, unlike the normal wine stoppers that are bulky and sometimes don't work. I can see many friends getting these for gifts. I know they'll love them as much as I do." —CNye

Price: $13.97

2. Waterproof eyeliner that comes with both liquid and pencil application for all your makeup needs.

Promising Review: "The best best BEST eyeliner I have ever owned in my life! It's a 2-in-1, super cute, and just perfect!" —Taylor

Price: $2.18

3. A contoured body pillow that is the perfect inanimate snuggle buddy.

Promising Review: "I purchased this pillow when I was 4 months pregnant and in dire need of something to help me better sleep on my side at night. It seems like there are so many different pregnancy pillows on the market, so I did my research. I wanted something sturdy that I wouldn't need to wrestle with when I turned over at night, and this pillow seemed to fit the bill. I've been using it for several weeks now and I absolutely love it." —ChristinaG

Price: $65.01

4. Stud earrings that just signed a contract with a new modeling agency, that's how pretty they are.

Promising Review: "Even prettier in person than in the picture. I'd love a set in every color!" —stellacake

Price: $38

5. The Simple Life: Season 1 on DVD because everyone deserves a guilty pleasure.

Promising Review: "I like that this show is totally what I would do, if I was rich and spoiled like them. They sort of do the things that we cannot, and that's what makes this so entertaining. All in all, this show is great, relaxing fun." —StacyMG

Price: $6.26

6. An odor exterminating candle that deserves a Febreze-style commercial.

Promising Review: "These things work WAAAAY better than I expected. I don't smoke, but have a dog who tends to smell like a dog, and these eliminate any lingering odor." —RC

Price: $10.99

7. Over-the-knee boots you could wear with any outfit.

Promising Review: "These shoes look so good! They've becomes my favorite shoes." —Yiran L.

Price: $79.99

8. Abraham Lincoln bandages that will heal your wound as Honest Abe healed our nation.

Promising Review: "I put this on my wound and immediately I was freed from the shackles of pain and distress. Not appropriate for wearing to the theatre." —J. Tapley

Price: $6.40

9. An Amazfit Moonbeam Activity + Sleep Tracker that tracks your physical activity and sleep schedule.

Promising Review: "Great alternative to mainstream products like the FitBit. Want to branch out of the norm around your techie friends or coworkers? This is the tracker for you. It's a simple and easy to use product. The Amazfit app seamlessly walks the user through signing up for an account and connects to your phone via bluetooth. I'm no tracking expert, but I would say the tracking for this device is spot on and it clearly knows when I'm NOT sleeping very long due to an alcohol induced evening. But seriously, the app does tell me that my weekday sleeping is a lot more effective than my Friday-Sunday sleep patterns. Would definitely buy again if I lost this one out on the town, which may eventually happen!" —that guy

Price: $79.99

10. Wool socks that are a treat for your feet.

Promising Review: "I've been buying high end wool socks at close to $20 a pair for the last five years and after buying these socks, my life has been changed! The same quality as the $20 per pair, but for four pairs! Great deal, great quick shipment and who doesn't love to help a start up? My first four pairs (one order) was so great that I'm ordering a bunch more for the family for Christmas (and myself)." —Adam Kinsey

Price: $24.19

11. A set of planet plates that are perfect for aspiring astronomers, scientists, stargazers, and basically everyone.

Promising Review: "Wow. Nice, sturdy, colorful, and educational too. I thought I was buying these for the kids, but I really do like them too. The names of the planets are even conveniently lightly etched on the back of the plates." —Dustbunny

Price: $39.95

12. A 3-piece quilt set that will significantly improve any bedroom's aesthetic.

Promising Review: "This is a beautiful set. The fabric, while quilted, is a light plush microfiber and very soft and comfortable. I was worried the king size wouldn't cover the bed properly, but both the length and width is perfect and you can't see any sheet underneath. Very pleased with this set, now I need to find matching throw pillows!" —happy in seabrook

Price: $94.60

13. A dachshund-shaped ice cube tray for all your wiener needs.

Promising Review: "Being obsessed with dachshunds, I couldn't pass this up. I use them for chocolate molding and it works great. I love these. They're study and easy to clean." —Amelia

Price: $12.95

14. A design kit that lets you personalize a pair of headphones.

Promising Review: "I bought these headphones for my nephew's birthday and he was so excited to design them! He made some really fun comic-booky headphones that made his younger brother so jealous. Guess I'll have to buy another pair?" —Amazon Customer

Price: $24.99

15. An adorable cushion cover that is a bang for your buck.

Promising Review: "This was a great purchase. Couldn't have been happier with the color/size. Loved it and the price was very reasonable, considering throw pillow covers in my town go for 14+ dollars. My little sister loved it, too, so will be ordering one for her as well!" —AndreaR

Price: $1.65

16. A public toilet survival kit because, let's face it, public bathrooms are usually gross.

Promising Review: "After cruising up and down the interstate for an open McDonald's so my cousin, Vivian, and I could pee in relative peace, our minds and bottoms are finally at ease. Who cares if the only toilet is a skanky, nasty bowl at an ancient truck stop? Our bladders are saved!" —Collie Mom

Price: $3.92

17. Matcha green tea powder for lattes, smoothies, and a million other things.

Promising Review: "Look, this stuff is wonderful - I got hooked on green tea lattes at Starbucks, but the quality of this is clearly better. It tastes fresher / purer and the caffeine effect is great too, lasting many hours but without the crash that coffee brings. I was originally confused by how small the pouch was (as I'd observed Starbucks baristas putting big scoops of green stuff into their green tea lattes). The difference is this stuff is CONCENTRATED, so you really only do need half a teaspoon." —AmazonLover

Price: $15.99

18. A wake-up light with sunrise simulation that may turn you into a morning person. Maybe.

Promising Review: "This clock is a miracle worker and also has a 45 day money-back guarantee if it doesn't work for you. I dreaded all my early morning classes, and going to work during the winter darkness. There is nothing more dampening to your day than waking up in darkness and forcing yourself to get out of bed with an annoying alarm. My entire room is light by the time my alarm rings in the morning now and I never have to wake up to darkness again. The best part is that my body truly, actually does wake up itself before my alarm ever rings. I love this clock." —Jessica

Price: $69.99

19. An eye serum stick that will help you look like you went to sleep at a respectable time last night.

Promising Review: "I absolutely love this stuff! It is moisturizing and cooling. The packaging is SO cute and very well made. I would definitely purchase this again." —Jess

Price: $6.40

20. Cards Against Humanity, AKA the most universally loved card game ever invented.

Promising Review: "I'm pretty sure that owning this game is the only reason I get invited to parties these days. Worth it." —Shads

Price: $25

21. A grow a girlfriend that, fair warning, may act a little... detached.

Promising Review: "The product did grow. However, I was very disappointed when I realized how detached she is. She doesn't speak to me let alone acknowledge me and I have no idea what I did. I realize this is normal, but right out of the box? Please send me a replacement. This relationship has only lasted as long as it has because I paid ten bucks for it." —Ben Kates

Price: $4.08

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