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20 Amazing Gifts For People Who Love Coffee

*sips coffee* *buys everything* The products in this post were updated in December 2019.

1. A coffee bean necklace to keep close to your heart.


Get this necklace from Etsy for $45.

2. An art print that shows the swimming pool of your dreams.


Get this print from Society6 for $20.

3. Reusable bamboo straws that will help keep your teeth pearly white.

Unpopular truth: Coffee can stain your teeth. Straws help.

Get a pack of eight from Amazon for $10.87.

4. A coffee book that genuinely belongs on your coffee table.

This book will teach you how to make better coffee at home.

Get this book from Amazon for $18.

5. A Blue Bottle subscription that delivers unique and delicious coffee to your door.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Get a Blue Bottle subscription starting at $7.

6. A shower curtain that pays homage to your love of caffeine.


In a very subtle way, of course.

Get this shower curtain from Society6 for $68.

7. A coffee maker for when you feel like treating yourself to some good cold brew.

Get this coffee maker from Amazon for $17.95.

8. A coffee body scrub to ~awaken~ your senses.

Get this body scrub from Amazon for $19.95.

9. A travel thermos that can disguise any coffee lover as a photographer.

A camera lens travel thermos? I'm sold.

Get this thermos from Amazon for $10.99.

10. A pillow that will help you dream of coffee.


Get this pillow from Society6 for $25.49.

11. A mini espresso maker that guarantees a quality espresso.

Get this espresso maker from Amazon for $49.89.

12. A pullover with some really great advice.


Get this pullover from Look Human for $23.99 (available in sizes XS-3X).

13. A stress-relief coloring book that is almost as relaxing as a hot cup of coffee.

Get this coloring book from Amazon for $7.42.

14. A punny mug that will perk you up when it is way too early to function.

Get this mug from Amazon for $15.95.

15. A tin sign that understands coffee is basically a substitute for sleep.

*nervous giggle* right?

Get this tin sign from Amazon for $10.96.

16. A coffee spoon rest set that will keep your kitchen stain-free.

No more coffee rings, people.

Get this set from Amazon for $16.99.

17. A carousel holder that will store and display your precious K-cups.

Get this holder from Amazon for $11.99.

18. A 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle that features famous coffee brands.

Get this puzzle from Amazon for $19.99.

19. A coffee grinder that will give you a super fresh cup of joe.

Get this coffee grinder from Amazon for $15.96.

20. A necklace that is perfect for your coffee-loving BFF.


Get this necklace from Etsy for $35.

CBS Television Studios

Drink up.

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