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    Yeah, You're Definitely Going To Want To Buy A Bra From Adore Me

    If only they were around when you needed one, Lizzie McGuire!

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    Bra shopping has just gotten a HECK of a lot easier thanks to Adore Me, a magical place that offers inclusive sizing and decent prices.

    I have this vivid memory from my middle school days when all of my friends had boobs, and I did not. I remember falling to my knees, looking up at the sky, and screaming "Are you there, God? It's me, AnaMaria, and I really want to wear a bra!" Fast forward several years: I am now a 34DD and experience mild nausea every time I think of shopping for a boob holder.

    Why? Because finding a good quality bra in a larger size is harder than finding the fountain of youth. The selection both in stores and online is usually pretty slim, or very expensive, or they just don't fit right. I was therefore very skeptical about trying Adore Me for the first time.

    But the quality of Adore Me sets is amazing — and I am very, very picky when it comes to my undergarments.,

    Fit: I tried the Yadira and Isadora bra and underwear sets above, both in a size 34DD top and medium bottom. While the bras looked fantastic on the models, I was hesitant: the straps seemed flimsy, and I felt like my girls wouldn't get enough support. But... drumroll please... I was totally wrong! The straps are thin but durable, and don't dig into my skin. The cups provide the perfect amount of push-up and support, meaning my boobs don't feel like they're about to flash someone at any second. It should also be noted that they're super comfortable (I can probably sleep in them, which is nothing short of a miracle), and passed the famed t-shirt test: the bras didn't look bumpy or frumpy under my top.

    The sizing is representative of every ~body~, and the VIP membership lets you shop for your breast friends on a budget.

    Sizing and pricing: Are you a 38DDD? 40I? 32A? No problem! Because Adore Me offers sizes from 30A-46G. Plus, they offer a flexible VIP membership ($39.95) where you get to pick out a matching bra and underwear set at the beginning of every month. Being a VIP has a ton of perks: you get $10 off every set, your first set for $24.95, are invited to exclusive sales, and get every sixth set free. You can skip any month and, if you decide you hate it, you can completely cancel at any time.

    Plus, give a warm round of applause for free shipping and returns!

    Buena Vista Television

    Adore Me has a satisfaction guaranteed motto — just return or exchange anything that doesn't fit like a dream. And fo' free!

    And I'm thrilled to report that other people are just as enthusiastic about this brand as I am.

    This bra has 1,133 five star reviews. D-D-Damn.

    Promising review: "I've been trying to find a 38H bra, and finally came across this one. It feels great to know that there is lingerie sets like this available in my size! Plus, the material is soft and comfortable; I now have a new Adore Me addiction." —Sarahmarie H.

    Someone immediately forward this to the 2017 Lizzie McGuire in your life.

    Buena Vista Television

    The bras were sent to BuzzFeed free of charge.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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