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Which Roommate of 117 are you?

Welcome to the most lit house in Athens- but who are you?

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  1. It's a Friday night, what are you drinking?

    Ice cold Keystone Light
    Four Loko
    Tequila and Lime
    Jack and Coke
    Cheap Whiskey and Coke
  2. You got the aux. Who's playing?

    Lil Yachty and Drake
    Chance the Rapper
    Kodak Black and Gucci Mane
    Young Dolph
  3. You're DT. What bar are you at?

    100 Proof
    Cozy Bar/Church Bar
  4. You can get any dog you want. What dog are you getting?

    German Shepherd
    Chocolate Lab
    Golden Retriever
    Pitbull/Boxer Mix
  5. You're hungry. Where you going?

    Mother Pho
    White Tiger
  6. You're studying. Where u @?

    Tate Student Center
    At home
    Behind Tate in the comfy chairs
    Main Library 4th Floor
    Sculpture Building
  7. You have the redemption shot in beer pong. What are you doing to prepare?

    Just throwing the ball
    Making Leo lick the ball before you throw it
    Acting like you're at the free throw line at Game 7 of the NBA Finals
    Splashing the ball in water
    Giving the opponent a death stare
  8. You're snacking. What you eating?

    Fruit Gushers
    BBQ Chips
    Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cone
    2 oz. Steak
  9. You're watching TV. What're you watching?

    The Office
    Shark Tank
  10. It's 10 years from now. What're you doing?

    Teacher in Thailand
    Banking on Wall Street
    Making dis money LLC
    Owning your own business

Which Roommate of 117 are you?

You got: Mitch "Flat Stanley" Hutton

Hands down iciest jump shot in 117. You love Georgia Football and talking to people. You have an entrepreneurial mindset and try to figure everything out on your own. At the function, you're listening to Lil Yachty while indulging in an ice cold Keystone, probably at the beer pong table. You think Narcos is awesome. Pretty much always cutting up. Congrats on getting me.

Mitch "Flat Stanley" Hutton
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You got: Wyatt Harris

You're always at work, but issa party when you're at home. You have a sarcastic personality but people love you for it. At home, you're always snacking on something delicious (and sometimes are unwilling to share it). If you're sipping on something, it better be Jack. No alternatives. You're a hard a$$ playa. But for some reason you always pose with your pinky in your mouth? Its cool though. You're cool.

Wyatt Harris
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You got: Christian "Daddy" Munoz

Did someone call daddy? That's right, you're the king of 117. You're super responsible but never say no to dt (if you're not too turnt already). You have the iciest moves and can dance to any song. People are always saying hi to you. You work hard but play harder. You're always ready to ball and are the beer pong champion. You're super competitive. Basically you will win at any game. What can I say, you're a winner.

Christian "Daddy" Munoz
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You got: Juan "Jose" Espinosa

You're never at 117, but your presence is never forgotten. You're always on your grind at the studio. But hey, you're a professional artist. You rock the man bun and everything hipster, even if you don't approve of the title. An ideal night for you is running the table at a house party, but you'd much rather be out in nature. The grass is greener as they say.

Juan "Jose" Espinosa
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You got: Landon "Freddie Freeman" Smith

Even though you don't live in 117, its not the same without you. You're the life of the party. You have specific New Balances for going dt where you'll be double fisting whiskey cokes. Most likely to end up alone dt, but somehow always end up on the couch at 117. You love cigars and a good time. But let's be honest, you are the good time.

Landon "Freddie Freeman" Smith
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