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The 18 Best Valentine's Day Cards For The Harry Potter Addict In Your Life

i long for ur bottom.

1. For the Hermione & Ron shipper:

2. For the "Weasley is our King" supporter:

3. For the people who enjoy simple puns:

4. For the person harboring Snape fantasies:

5. For the person who doesn't need elaborate compliments:

6. For the Qudditch lover:

7. For your Dumblewhore:

8. For the Neville girls:

9. For the Cedric girls:

10. For the Malfoy girls:

11. For the mature Malfoy gals:

12. Specifically for Salazar Slytherin:

13. For...the Shrieking Shack?

14. For the soulless:

15. For the potions master:

16. For the filthy ones:

17. For all of us:

18. The card that wins it all:

LOL what us HP fans will really be up to on V-Day: