“Stuff My Guinea Pig” Needs To Do

We’ve already seen what he’s been up to, here’s what he still needs to get to.

So the internet already knows about “Stuff My Guinea Pig Does” (don’t worry if you haven’t, I’m here to show you) but don’t you think there’s a million more things he could be up to? Yeah, me too. It’s been a while since we’ve seen any new hobbies of this busy guinea pig. So here’s a list of what’s he’s done so far and options that @WhereIsMyGuineaPig needs to get started on.

2. Here is what he has done:

3. Wash The Car

Wax on, wax off.

4. Lift Weights

Looks like he’s keeping track of his reps. Smart thinking bro!

5. Eat Ice Cream

If I could climb inside my ice cream carton, I don’t think I’d ever leave.

6. Mow The Lawn

I bet the grass there has never looked better.

7. Make Stew*

Cannibal stew*

8. Ride a Chicken

Because why not?

9. Walk The Dog

This is probably the most useful thing a person can train their guinea pig to do. Next step: teach them how to get their own food and water.

10. Water the Flowers

This is the world’s most helpful guinea pig.

11. Sharpen His Pencil

Because he obviously has a lot of homework to work on!

12. What he NEEDS to do:

13. Go to Disneyland!

He needs to ride Spalsh Mountain then head over to hang out with Snow White.

14. Paint

With those cute little paws, I’m sure he can paint the most adorable picture.

15. Eat Some Pizza

And fries! He’s already had ice cream, might as well stick to the junk food.

16. Put Makeup On

Either his owner or his owner’s sister/girlfriend/mom/etc. No makeup on the animals!

17. Go camping!

Indoors, so he doesn’t get lost outside.

18. Interior Decorate

I’m 155% positive this guinea pig has more style than any person I know.

19. Have a picnic

I can only imagine the spread he would lay out.

20. Read a book

Might I suggest the Harry Potter series?

21. Sight see in NYC

Perfect spot? The Observation Deck at Rockefeller Center.

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