Ollie Is The Coolest Persian Cat You Can Follow On Instagram

Olliethecatoffical is doing cat things to make everyone’s lives better.

1. Meet Ollie:

If that’s not just the cutest face ever!

2. He is extremely helpful and takes care of his human’s plants:

3. He thinks “dogs riding skateboards” is old news:

Wonder how this baby got his name?

4. He has learned the art of pouncing:

He knows to wait until the time is right!

5. He’s also discovered water:

And the human’s sink.

6. “Stop it human!”

“Don’t ever stop.”

7. Ollie is working on his solo career:

8. He’s learning how to take a selfie:

“Oh my god, is that me?!?!”

9. And here he is, starring in the cutest cat video you’ll ever see:

He has to take a little break after all that running. ::overload of cuteness::

10. Ollie is new to Instagram, so everyone should follow him immediately and fall in love.

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