Meet Ricky The Rockhopper: ZSL London Zoo’s Coolest Penguin

He’s “quite famous” living over at Penguin Beach being awesome as fuck.

Ricky “The Rockhopper” is a rockhopper penguin living at the ZSL London Zoo. Rockhoppers are distinguished by the irreverent crest of spiky yellow and black feathers that adorn their heads. They are among the world’s smallest penguins, standing about 20 inches tall. Not everyone has the chance to jet off to London and meet Ricky personally (but if you do, you should). Lucky for those of you, he’s on Facebook!

2. He knows how to take a good picture

There is no such thing as a bad picture of Ricky. He can hit a pose a hundred different ways and every single one is flawless.

3. He likes to sunbathe

He might not be able to get a tan, but Ricky knows the best way to enjoy Penguin Beach is to find a good spot on a rock and lay out in the sun.

4. He loves celebrating

Ricky knows how to get down and party! His pumpkin carving skills are probably off the chain.

5. He’s not big on sharing the spotlight

He is not amused by this guy whatsoever.

6. He’s great at giving directions

Looking for Tiger Territory? Right this way!

7. He gives visitors the BEST photo ops ever

We already knew he can pose better than any penguin out there, but can you believe that he will actually pose with you?!

8. He is an excellent swimmer

At Penguin Beach, they only offer the finest swimming environments in the world.

9. He’s not afraid to discuss his weight

Nothing can embarrass Ricky! No matter how much he weighs, he’s the perfect penguin size.

10. He never has bad hair days

Look at those flawless feathers! Ricky wakes up every day looking this good.

11. He waddles like a boss

Just because he waddles, doesn’t mean he’s fat! Nothing is cuter than a waddling penguin. And Ricky is the cutest.

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