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Have You Ever Heard Of Seal Beach?!

"WAIT. You're telling me there is a beach where I can just hang out with seals?!" - You.

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No, I am not talking about Seal Beach, in Orange County, CA. This isn't the O.C. I'm talking about Seal Beach, better known as La Jolla Cove, located in San Diego, CA. So if you're already on that cost, or have an unlimited income, WHY AREN'T YOU THERE RIGHT NOW?! Not only can you hang out with seals (as if you need any other reason to go) it's an absolutely breathtaking place that is considered "San Diego's most desirable spot for swimming, diving and snorkeling." The water there is calm enough, that depending on the season you can swim near the seals!!!! Here is evidence of it's perfection:

The seals sleep and swim RIGHT next to the beach!

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While there is a part of the beach solely for the seals to lounge on that doesn't allow humans, there is a separate beach that we can hang out at. The seals think the water over there is pretty great.

The seals will come RIGHT UP TO YOU

Via Instagram

And you will freak out harder than you would for your favorite celebrity because this cute, chubby little sea creature picked YOU to say hi to! You will also cry when they then decide to flop back into the ocean to meet up with their cool seal friends.

You're welcome. Have fun visiting the seals!

It's soooo much cooler than seeing them at the zoo.

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