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    A California Man Has Created A Cat's Dream Home

    Well, when you have 18 cat's what else are you supposed to do?

    According to Bored Panda, an unidentified California man with 18 cats spent $35,000 to turn his home into their play land.

    Trillium Enterprises , a Santa Barbara based company, is responsible for the complex walkway system.

    The cats get the option of taking the pole down or the spiral stairs:


    I'm impressed the cat redecorating extending to the kitchen.

    Like a true cat lover, he's even got cart art:


    Do not ignore the little cat walkway on the wall.

    There is a kitty sunbathing area!


    My cats are now looking at these pictures and giving me super intense dirty looks.

    Perfect access to the potted plants for the kitties:

    Smart, get the cats up on the walls to keep them away from the TV:

    Okay, I'm currently Googling this company because I NEED this office: