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9 Reasons To Follow AvianRecon On Instagram

1. These birds are badasses.

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Allison is a Falconer, bird trainer, and raptor rehabilitator working at a bird of prey center in Florida. She's got some of the best bird pictures out there.

1. Because America.

This is Ike and he's a total badass that actually enjoys hanging out with humans.

2. She provides useful information about our wildlife:

Here's an adorable native Kestrel with his new nesting box, thanks to the kind donation from an elementary class.

3. Plus she shared this wonderful fact: Eagles love water!

Have you ever seen an Eagle look so rockin' and adorable at the same time?

4. Just peep this Owl with the right amount of shade:

It's just enough to let you know he's annoyed, but still really funny.

5. Not every bird is tough & sassy:

Some are just fluffy and perfectly cute.

6. Someone like's to take selfies:

But actually takes videos. Callie you crazy.

7. This sleeping owl will make your day:

8. This Hawk has a lot to think about:

9. Here she is releasing a red tail back into the wild:

Not enough people know or care about birds of prey, but they're incredible. Follow her for more information and all the good stuff.

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