9 Examples Of Why Fish Are Chill As Hell

These fish are just doing them, maybe they’re kind of confused on the reg but whatevs

1. The “Wait, What” Fish

Huh? What? Cool man, cool.

2. The “Oh Hey” Fish

You can see me? Hi.

3. The “I Just Love Swimming” Fish

What do we do? We swim!

4. The “I’m Not Nemo” Fish

“But it’s totally cool if you mixed us up. He’s a cool dude.”

5. The “Zero Fucks To Give” Fish

Light bulb fish tank? IDGAF just let me swim.

6. The “SUP” Fish


7. The “Unamused” Fish

He doesn’t find anything you’re doing funny. Especially that stupid fish face. But he really could care less about your human ass.

8. The “I’m Just Enjoying My Surroundings” Fish

Everything is so just so beautiful here. Did you see my castle?

9. The “Cats Are Friends” Fish

Fish are friends, not food….right? RIGHT?!

*Slightly less chill because of the cat*

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