28 Times The Struggle Was Real

For those of you going through #thestruggle. AKA lazy people’s nightmares.

The everyday struggles:

2. Having to get out of bed:


3. Having to shower:

You know why you need to, but that doesn’t mean you want to.

4. Having to wear pants:


5. For the ladies - having to wear a bra:

Via FOX / weheartit.com

6. Having to wear any clothes at all:

Via Disney / i.imgur.com

Why can’t I be naked all day?

7. Or do your hair and makeup:

8. Or look anything less than a hot mess:

9. Needing to charge your phone, but your charger is across the room:

10. Wanting to eat everything in sight, but not wanting to get fat:


11. Trying to fall aleeep, but you can’t, but you have to because you’ve got to get up early tomorrow:

The scarier struggles:

Though your every day struggles are extremely tough, these are more overwhelming because you’re not used to them and you don’t know what to do.

12. That time you couldn’t drink wine after a stressful week:

Because you were on antibiotics for a sinus infection, which was half the reason your week was so bad.

13. That time you had to wake up early on a Sunday:

14. That time someone stole your parking spot, making you twenty minutes late:

Via Paramount Pictures / i/imgur.com

You’re still not over this one.

15. That time you had to actually go to the gym:

Cause like, you’re best friend is getting married and you probably shouldn’t be fat anymore.

16. And you couldn’t just stand on the treadmill:

Damn it. You have to move to burn calories.

17. The time your two favorite artists were performing in your area, on the same day:

Via ABC Family / catheyex.tumblr.com

I can’t do this.

18. That time you bought a cute dress without trying it on, only to find out it doesn’t fit a month later:

Via Buena Vista Pictures / whatshouldwecallme.tumblr.com

19. The time your DVR messed up and didn’t record Scandal for you:

20. The time you watched 8 seasons of a show in 2 weeks and now you have to wait until September for new episodes:

21. Or worse, that time Netflix refused to upload newer episodes of your favorite show:

There are only so many times I can watch seasons 1 and 2 of Bob’s Burgers before my boyfriend leaves me.

22. That time your friend didn’t text back their coffee order and you panicked and bought 4 different kinds of coffee:

What was I supposed to do?!

23. That time someone said something so stupid, you wanted to correct them but you didn’t have the energy:

Actually, this might be considered an every day struggle.

24. The time you couldn’t avoid that huge puddle and your feet got soaked:

Via Comedy Central / whatshouldwecallme.tumblr.com

You socks were all squishy.

25. That time you really wanted to paint your nails, but only could do the one hand:

26. The time you were talking to your crush, but then they had to leave:

27. The time you really wanted Taco Bell, but no one was sober enough to drive:

Via New Line Cinema / whatshouldwecallme.tumblr.com

28. The time you accidentally put your pajamas on, having forgotten you had plans you couldn’t cancel:

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