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28 Thoughts Every Woman With Big Boobs Has

"That's it. I'm getting a reduction."

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1. "I need a new bra."

2. "Is there such thing as the 'perfect' bra?"

3. "Why does my left boob feel so much bigger?"

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4. "Does stretch mark cream actually work?"


5. "Is that a piece of food in my bra?" / Via

"Yes. Should I eat it?"


6. "I wonder what it's like to be an A cup."

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7. "I can finally take my bra off!"

NBC / Via

8. "Do my boobs really look that big?"


9. "Oh my god, they're even bigger than I thought."


10. "Will there ever be a day that I can go out braless and not scar people for life?"

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11. "My boobs are heavy."

"I'm sorry bra."

"I'm sorry bra."

12. "If feels like I'm carrying two midgets on my chest."

TNT / Via

But not in the cool way like in that Ludacris song.


13. "My back hurts."

ABC / Via fuckyeah1990s

14. "My neck hurts."

15. "Even my boobs hurt." / Via

What doesn't hurt?

16. "I wonder if what they said about that specialty bra is true."

FX / Via

"At least, it better for $130."


17. "I wish I could see my toes when I stand up."

relatosdeumcoracaopartido / Via

18. "Maybe I should get a reduction."

19. "My life would be so much better with smaller boobs."

"Small boobs look amazing."

"Small boobs look amazing."

20. "That's it. I'm getting a reduction."


21. "I wish I could wear tank tops without so much cleavage."

ABC / Via

"Sorry for so much boob in the face."

22. "Forget about anything strapless."

KPerryGIFs / Via

23. "Boobs and running are not a good mix."

Jenna Marbles / Via

24. "Neither is boobs and jumping jacks. Or boobs with any sort of cardio."

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25. "I should invent the new 'Big Boob Sports Bra.'"

26. "I'm really going to get a reduction. I'll go to like a C and be just like everyone else."

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27. "Goodbye specialty stores! Hello, Victoria's Secret."

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28. "Nahhhh, nevermind. I'd miss them too much."

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