24 People Who Just Should Stop Trying To Be Tan

Seriously, that burn can’t be good for you.

1. This man who managed to become Neapolitan ice cream.

2. This red-blooded American.

TheChive / Via wordpress.com

3. This couple who experienced the horrors of tanning together.

4. This guy who is now always wearing a white wife beater.

5. This guy who already knows what I’m going to say.

6. This guy who didn’t realize his tan wouldn’t go through his hat.

7. This girl who learned the hard way that tanning and snacking do not mix.

8. This guy who clearly lost a bet, but no one was the winner.

9. This guy with extremely questionable burn lines.

10. This girl who probably should have picked a bikini with thinner straps.

11. This guy who knows the importance of men having “the V.”

12. This girl who probably should have flipped over at some point while laying out.

13. This guy who is never letting his friends put sunscreen on his back ever again.

14. This guy who didn’t realize he had to actually apply the lotion to his entire body for it to work.

15. This person who managed to only burn their knees.

16. This who fool mistook himself as a warrior.

17. This girl who made “hand burns” a very real thing.

18. This guy who forgot to move his hand.

19. This wannabe superhero.

20. This guy who obviously has never heard of sunscreen, or keeping his pants up.

21. This girl who managed to get the most unfortunate leg burn ever.

22. This stud muffin (lobster).

23. The man who learned the price of wearing crocs.

24. This guy who should probably go to the hospital.

No really. Sir, I think you have sun poisoning.

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