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    24 Cats That Really Love Sinks

    But they hate water? Who knows, cats are weird.

    1. This guy who thought you'd be home later:


    "Nothing to see here. Please leave."

    2. This guy who will not let you wash your hands:


    "Find a new sink. This is mine now."

    3. This guy who is letting is all hang out:

    4. This cat who completely regrets his decision:


    Yet, he is too lazy to do anything about it.

    5. This cat who found the perfect place to take a nap:

    6. This newbie testing things out:


    "What's the big deal about sinks? I'm not seeing it."

    7. This cat who wants to know what you're looking at:

    8. This guy who doesn't believe in physical limitations:


    "I totally fit!"

    9. This guy who is feeling extremely conflicted:


    "Wait, what is this?"

    10. These "nothing happened" cats:

    11. This guy who brings a cuddle buddy:

    12. This cat that wants you to turn the water on...


    But only enough for a small drip! Anything more and he'll claw your eyes out.

    13. This cat that mistook the sink for the local bar:


    "I'll take a whiskey sour my good man!"

    14. This "where is the water going?!" cat:

    15. The Jake Wyler of sink cats:


    Not Another Cat Movie.

    16. This suggestive kitty:

    17. This slightly more suggestive cat:


    Cover it up!

    18. This cat who is in the middle of an important business meeting:


    "Excuse me, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. This is a private matter."

    19. This guy who is just trying to get comfortable:

    20. This cat who was only trying to help:


    "Last time I help you with the dishes!"

    21. The cat that doesn't know what a sink is:


    "It's very roomy in here."

    22. This cat who is so not amused:

    23. This guy who knows how to make the best of a bad situation:

    24. The "OMG human, put your pants back on!" cat:


    "Your tail is on the wrong side!"

    BONUS: These cats who couldn't even make it to the sink: