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22 Different Types Of Hangovers

From "I feel great" to "I'm pretty sure hell is is better than this." We've all been there.

1. The "Hangover? What hangover, I feel great!" hangover.

2. The "I'm not hungover, I'm still drunk" hangover.

3. The "If I lay just like this, I might not puke on myself today" hangover.

4. The "fuck coordination" hangover.

5. The "holy shit, what the hell happened last night" hangover.

6. The "standing takes too much energy" hangover.

7. The "just leave me here, I'll be fine" hangover.

8. The "please, someone help me" hangover.

9. The "I'm not even going to try fucking moving" hangover.

10. The "my mouth tastes like the bar floor" hangover.

11. The "what has my life come to" hangover.

12. The "Make it stop, please make it stop" hangover.

13. The "I need to get my shit together, but not now" hangover.

14. The "fuck, it's way too bright in here" hangover.

15. The "For the love of God, please just let me sleep" hangover.

16. The "I am never drinking, ever, ever again" hangover.

17. The "dude, what the fuck did we drink" hangover.

18. The "I did what for a shot?!" hangover.

19. The "once I shower I'll feel better" hangover.

20. The "how the HELL did we get here?!?!" hangover.

21. The "what fresh hell is this?" hangover.

22. The "today wasn't so bad, I'm sure I'll feel fine tomorrow" hangover.