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    18 Reasons To Get A Beagle Right Now

    Fun Fact: Snoopy was a Beagle. So clearly, you need one of your own.

    1. Beagle puppies prove they are adorable before they've even opened their eyes. FACT.

    2. Beagles have the world's cutest ears.

    3. Their tongues were created for wet, sloppy, perfect kisses.

    4. Have you ever seen them run?

    5. Also, have you seen them sleeping?!

    6. They like to have another puppy companion

    7. But they LOVE having a human best friend!

    8. They are cuddlers.

    9. They are easily amused.

    10. They LOVE to go for a ride in the car.

    11. If you're ever in need of a hunting dog, you've found the perfect one!

    12. They're really easy to give a bath.

    13. They sit like this pretty often.

    14. Their tails never stop wagging.

    15. Their noses are TOO MUCH.

    16. Do you enjoy tanning? Cause they're totally down to sunbathe with you.

    17. They'll make you get off your lazy ass and take them for a walk.

    18. Their tails, ears, and noses are great...but LOOK AT THOSE EYES.