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10 Crazy Plot Twists The Walking Dead Needs To Do

We've had a lot of time to think with The Walking Dead gone, so some of these are a little "creative."

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1. Baby Walkers


I refuse to believe there isn't at least ONE baby walker out there (Judith, I was counting on you!!!). I think seeing a pack of these guys would be about 500 times scarier than seeing one adult walker.

2. Get a super old, wise new leader

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With Santa gone, TWD needs to bring in a new wise character. Maybe we'll get someone who resembles a mythical character, possibly the Easter Bunny? No. My friends and boyfriend are saying no. (I'll keep an eye out for giant rabbits anyway).

5. We meet someone from Michonne's past


It seems Michonne has been pretty much on her though this apocalypse, so wouldn't it be insane if someone they meet on the road turns out to be someone Michonne thought was dead? Or, someone she told us was dead. Really, we just need more Michonne back story. She's the best female character.

6. Carol DIDN'T kill Karen


She was covering for someone. This one is totally realistic (I mean, so are the others, honestly...TWD doesn't give a fuck about logic) but think about it! Karen cared about the group, but not enough to kill. Someone she cared for more than anyone did it...but who? My money is on the gun-slinging children.

7. The rest of the world is like Woodbury


Now that they are on the road, they should actually try leaving Georgia, only to find out the disease only spread there and was contained, leaving the rest of the world completely fine.

8. There's a cure?!?!


Okay, so if the whole world is really contaminated, then TWD should end the season with the prospect of a cure. Because I'm not sure how much more I can stomach seeing intestines being torn out of people.

10. Leave Daryl Alone


This isn't a plot twist or crazy scheme. The writers just need to leave Daryl Dixon alone. We would have a riot on our hands if anything were to happen to Daryl. Y'all might be tempted to do something to stir the pot, but I'm serious. Leave him alone.

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