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14 Songs To Say Goodbye To Summer To And Say Hello To Autumn

As the last day of summer approaches, we bring in the changing of seasons. Golden leaves, brisk breezes, and switching from iced coffee to hot. Here are 14 new songs to reminisce the fun times of summer, and to bring in the sweet chill of fall.

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1. Top Shelf Liquor - Redlands

Redlands is an indie rock group out of Grand Junction, Colorado. Their album, Adventurer was just released this past summer, and Top Shelf Liquor is probably the favorite out of the list. Top Shelf Liquor is the perfect hit to enjoy the last perfect bits of summer, while holding onto your free, dreaming spirit.

2. Outer Love - Alex Brittan

There isn't a better way to describe Outer Love than how Alex Brittan described it his self. "A tropical synth-pop ode to the breakups you really don't regret." This is the perfect song to move on from those summer flings with no regrets and to welcome the new year with open arms.

3. Champain - Terence Ryan

Terence Ryan is a new and upcoming artist coming out of Southern Massachusetts, and not only his song Champain, but his entire EP, Will Word & Hand is life changing. describes it perfectly as "a glistening work of electro-folk." This is the song for moving onto the new, and leaving behind the same old sunny days of summer.

4. Crush Song (Pieces) - FLOOR CRY (ODDEEO remix)

The lady behind the name Floor Cry is Felicia Sekundiak, a young writer/producer/singer out of Winnipeg, Canada. The original version is beautiful in itself, but this remix by ODDEEO captures the unexplainable feeling of having time rush by you. This track will remind you of driving late at night with the windows down, feeling the silent chill of autumn creep into the wind. We all have a crush on this beautiful changing of seasons.

5. Shoes Grow Smaller - Derrival

With it's welcoming Indie-rock sound with catchy guitar hooks, Derrival has brought us a song that makes us realize that we grow up in new ways every summer. Like growing out of old sneakers and buying a new pair of the exact same design, we hold onto our old ways but mold them into something better each time. Derrival does just this with each of their songs. Check out their EP Departure & Arrival and you'll hear how they are a constant track of amazement. Here's to the departure of summer, and the arrival of autumn.

6. Straight Into Your Arms - Vance Joy

Riptide isn't the only song we know Australian artist Vance Joy from. His song Straight Into Your Arms has the sound of falling from summer into autumn's open arms. It's time to officially welcome fall with this track. We haven't seen the last of Vance Joy just yet.

7. New Americana - Halsey

Halsey is an artist that has been gaining a lot of traction lately. Her strong, alternative pop sound is reminiscent of Lorde, but completely different in a badass way. New Americana, out of her EP Badlands is the track we've been waiting for. This is leaving the bright colors of summer officially behind and moving onto the dark and chill.

8. So Sad, So Sad - Varsity

We're well into fall now, but we still miss the beachy vibes of summer. Varsity is an Indie rock/pop group out of Chicago, and what captures the beachy reminiscence is the breathy vocals of the track. We're so sad to see summer go, but we can't walk away from the new breeze of fall.

9. America Says Hello - The Chills

Every headline about The Chills pretty much says "The Chills Are Back!" And they sure are. This almost angry alt-rock track has us head bobbing and strumming our air guitars in the car with the windows down. Autumn's chill is back, but so are The Chills.

10. Melt - Tender

After the chill of the last track, we need something to warm us up in the approaching cold of late fall. Tender is a duo of great friends making breathy and groovy music out of a bedroom studio in a basement in North London. Melt is the soft, dream-pop sound you need for staying indoors with a cup of cocoa that makes you want to melt into the covers of your bed while you watch the leaves change color.

11. Jaywalk - Brayton Bowman

Coming from Harlem-Philly, Brayton Bowman is a man who is going to change and evolve the sound of pop with his own voice. His music is described as soul-pop and future- funk. He is self-described as a "singer, songwriter, bluntroller", and we love him for his fierce honesty, since it is perfectly reflected in this track. Jaywalk is for the badasses out there who thrive in the chill weather and aren't afraid to keep walking outdoors in t-shirts and goosebumps.

12. Killing Time - Jae Stephens

Jae Stephens is Tumblr famous turned musician thriving from LA after doing awesome covers of Beyoncé songs. Her song Killing Time is the kind of song you play on repeat for weeks on end because it reflects your attitude of autumn so well. There is one thing we carry onto fall from the summer, and it's the late night chilling you do with your friends. Jae is able to capture the laid-back attitude of autumn and how all the change makes us just want to sit back and kill time.

13. Drive - Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder is truly a wonder. The London writing duo creates wonderful music together with beautiful harmonies and electro-acoustic folk-pop sounds. Except it's hard to classify Oh Wonder into one category, because they're always bringing something new to the table. I'm sure this isn't the last we'll hear of Oh Wonder. This track explains itself. Windows down, the radio loud, driving fast. Autumn is about cherishing the beautiful medley of summer and fall together before we face something colder. And Drive is the way to do it.

14. Golden - Parade of Lights

This LA-based quartet blends together all their interests of music into a crazy-awesome "alternative-electro hybrid." Their songs are all bursting with energy and free spirit, and their song Golden captures just that, while also finally discovering the excitement of autumn. We can find and love all the golden piles of leaves as we discover the inner kid we thought we left behind years ago. This song is for throwing leaves in the air, and jumping into raked piles of autumn. This song is for autumn.

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