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10 Stages Of Your Eyeliner Failing

When you just can't get your liner to fleek. No matter how many make up videos you've watched.

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Step 1 - The 'I'm gonna smash it' phase.


You start off really inspired for your challenge ahead, perfecting the winged eye-liner. You've watched all the wakeupandmakeup videos and after a few videos, you're finally ready.

Step 2- The 'Let's Stay Calm' phase.


You're starting to line your eye and you can feel yourself needing a sneeze, but quick let me finish this perfect lining streak.. Bam, a quick sneeze and the masterpiece is ruined. So let's just close our eyes, try to relax, and wipe away the misery.

Step 3- The 'I Can Do This' phase.


No problem though, let's just start again. Now your eye is starting to look a little pink from the excessive rubbing, but let's just add some eye-shadow and disguise the pain.

Step 4- The 'I'm A Professional' phase.


Yaaas. Left eye is looking good, the wing is on point and you find yourself doing a happy dance. And also thinking, wait why don't I start filming my videos and become an MUA?

Step 5- The 'I'm About To Lose My Sh*t' phase.


Now for the right eye. Let's go. We're pumped and ready to go. The lining starts off nicely until you accidentally BLINK and you now look like you've woken up from a drunken night out with your make up still on.

Stage 6- The 'I Need To Be Strong' phase.


You're now sitting in front of the mirror with tears in your eyes thinking about what you have done wrong to deserve this eye-liner curse. But we're stronger than this, so we start again.

Stage 7- The 'I'm Nearly There' phase.


Finally you have managed to get the liner to an acceptable standard. You neaten it up and then realise the left side is much smaller than the right. Let's make them match shall we?

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