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These Are The 12 Questions That The Rest Of The World Has For American Teens Based On What We See On TV

Don't you guys have to go to class???

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1. First of all, do you guys really just hang up your phone without saying goodbye first?

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2. Why do people run into each other in the hallways all the time? Aren't the halls big enough?


3. And by the way, why do you spend all your time in the hallway? Don't you ever go to class?


4. Do you really all eat PB&J sandwiches for lunch?

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So weird!

5. Can you really get into fancy clubs when you're only 15???

The WB

6. And the best music venues??


7. Where on earth do you actually get ahold of a keg?


8. Why do you guys drink milk at lunch?


9. Why are your lockers decorated so excessively?

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10. Why do cheerleaders wear their cheerleader uniforms all the time?


Don't they have anything else to wear?

11. Why do you all look 29?


Cause I mean, teens here don't look like that.

12. And finally, why are all these 16-year-olds' sex lives way more exciting than mine??

The CW

These are our questions.

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This post was translated from French.

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