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France On Instagram Vs. France In Real Life

We ain't that glamourous.

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Paris on Instagram:

The city of ~love~


French culture on Instagram:

So much culture, so many museums! Everyone is a philosopher and wears suspenders.

French culture in real life:

Daniel Angeli / Via

You know what French people actually like? Appalling comedies that make fun of our lower-middle class and rely mostly on lowbrow, racist, sexist, and classist jokes. Camping, with this guy as the main character, is a perfect example. Somehow, it managed to get funded and to sell millions of tickets.

French food on Instagram:

Tasty croissants and colorful macarons everywhere!

The French Riviera on Instagram:

Blue skies and sea as far as the eye can see.


Galeries Lafayette on Instagram:

Lights, gorgeous dresses, and fancy purses!

French street style on Instagram:

Everyone is a model.

French street style in real life:

Pretty sure this isn't Chanel.


French thinkers on Instagram:


French apartments on Instagram:

So bourgeois!

Northern France on Instagram:

Old, picturesque cities.


Deauville on Instagram:

Such a romantic little town.

French wine on Instagram:

So fancy!

French wine in real life:

Any 2 euro bottle will do.

French metro on Instagram:

So quaint!