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    May 21, 2018

    The Case For Rocking Those Gray Hairs

    Own those silvery strands, sis!

    So, according to ~society~, gray and white hair is something you're supposed to have only when you're old...


    But if you're like me, you've had gray hairs going on since your teenage years. And it's super normal!

    So, instead of giving into the box dye and shame, tons of women are now posting on Instagram all the ways they've decided to "reclaim" gray and white hair.

    "I started getting white hairs at the age of 16, and I have been dyeing them since then (I'm currently 34). I stopped last November because I found dyeing them so often really annoying, because the gray hairs would come back so quickly. I love the gray hair trend, so I decided to let my hair do the work naturally. I'm really inspired by other women on Instagram and for the time being I am loving the adventure!" —Vicky

    And we're LIVING for these looks:

    It's proof that gray and white hair can be fully and completely rocked...

    To the point where the gray hair trend is even making its way to salons!

    And giving us ~natural grays~ a chance to shine.

    Because why shouldn't we celebrate our wisdom and experience?

    In any case, whether you're just starting to go gray...

    "Suddenly having visible gray hairs on your head when you've been a brunette all your life is a big deal. But I'm stubborn, and I am finally starting to accept, and have even come to like, what I see in the mirror." —Trin

    Or have a few silvery strands here and there...

    Or all over...

    The mega natural look is making its comeback...

    "The transition from long to short hair, straightened to natural, dyed to gray wasn't easy. But I love it." —mzslugher7

    And it's way less hassle this way!

    "I've been dyeing my hair for more than twenty years, and I had never even thought of stopping because I thought I would just look terribly old! Then, as I got older, the more people started caring about how old they were, the less I did, and I decided to rid myself of the burden of my weekly dye! That's how I accepted my gray hairs, and I am happy and proud of them!" —Marina

    To put it bluntly, we're v. into it.

    Basically, there's never been a better (or trendier) time to own your ~roots~.

    Because at the end of the day, there's literally nothing cooler than owning your look...

    And refusing to change anything just 'cause ~society~ says so.

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    This post was translated from French.

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