15 Things People With Adult Acne Know To Be True

I guess my face didn’t get the memo that I’m no longer going through puberty.

1. Looking at the faces of children and/or adults in acne medication commercials and being irrationally angry.

The CW / Via giphy.com

Why do they have nice clear skin and I don’t?

2. Being the only one of your friends who looks like their face is still going through puberty.

3. Wondering if the only thing people look at when they see you is your adult acne.

Warner Bros. / Via icanhazcheezburger.com

I know you’re all talking about my acne ridden face behind my back.

4. Having young children point to your acne ridden face and ask you what those bumps are.

TBS / Via riffsy.com

5. Getting excited when a friend tells you that they know someone who tried a product that cleared up that person’s face, only to have your hopes crushed when your acne remains after trying that same product that your friend’s friend used.

E4 / Via rebloggy.com

6. Realizing that you’re an acne medicine hoarder.

I think I may have a problem

7. Having your friends tell you that you should just try and go to a dermatologist.

I have been. Hundreds of times, actually.

8. Getting extremely excited when you wake up and you don’t have a new pimple on your face.

The CW / Via giphy.com

I’m talking really, really excited, like, I-just-won-the-lottery excited.

9. Becoming ridiculously annoyed/irritated when one of your friends with out acne expresses his or her distress at the appearance of one pimple on an otherwise clear face.

Comedy Central / Via GIFSec.com


10. Trying hard not to stress out about anything because you know that stressing is only going to make you break out more.

Columbia Pictures / Via madamenoire.com

Just woosah because no one wants pimples on top of pimples.

11. The never ending struggle of trying to decide whether or not to cover up your acne with make-up.

TLC / Via giphy.com

Time to make a decision. Yes, it may make your pimples less noticeable.

But the make-up will also clog up your pores even more, which means…more acne!

13. Thinking to yourself “do I pop the pimple or not?”

ABC / Via giphy

-Option 1: Do it now and have no pimple at the moment, but acne scars later.

-Option 2: Let it pop when it’s ready and have a giant pimple on your face now, but no acne scars later.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

14. Trying obscure home/natural remedies in the hope that it will clear up your skin.

Cinnamon and honey mask. This looks promising…

15. Hoping and praying that maybe, just maybe, one day you will be able to find a product that will clear up you adult acne for good.

Keep hope alive my friends, and know that you are not alone!

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