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11 Moments That Are Guaranteed To Give You A Mini-Heart Attack Every Single Time They Happen

So much anxiety from such tiny moments...

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1. That moment when you lean too far back in your chair

2. When you reach into your pocket and don't feel your phone

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3. Whenever you do a trust fall

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Yes I've known you all for years, but I still don't trust you to catch me....

4. When you go through a yellow light too late and hope that the red light camera doesn't catch you

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5. When you do something illegal while driving and you didn't notice the officer sitting across the street from you

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6. When you're passing a note in class and the teacher looks your direction

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7. When you accidentally miss a step coming down the stairs

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I just saw my whole life flash before my eyes...and it wasn't pretty :/

8. When you think you left the paper that you spent all night working on at home

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9. When you hear a sleeping baby stir after you accidentally make a loud noise

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Please don't wake up...please don't wake up...I will stand here holding my breath all day if that means you'll stay asleep!

10. When you trip and see the expensive drink in your hand start to wobble and spill

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11. When your parent uses your full name


Only bad things happen after hearing one of your parents say your first, middle, and last name one right after the other.

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