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10 Reasons Why Jesse Williams Is Much More Than A Pretty Face

RE: BUZZFEED APPLICATION Yes he has a face AND a body that dreams are made of, but he also gives back to his community, uses his mind for good, and calls for a much needed change about how Blacks are regarded in America.

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1. He Calls out the Discrepancies in the American Criminal Justice System

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In this clip he speaks the truth about the double standard that is held in America when it comes to how Blacks and Whites are treated with regards to crimes.

2. He dedicated six years of his life to teaching our future leaders

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For six years of his life he taught in a public high school in Philadelphia. He instructed our youth about American Studies, African American studies, and English.

6. He is an advocate for Black Males

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Mr. Williams is the executive producer for "Question Bridge: Black Males," a platform that was created for Black men to express themselves and redefine how they are viewed in America.

8. He created the Ebroji App with his wife

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Jesse put his mind to work to create an app for iphone users to “enhance the way we already communicate.” It does this by giving users the chance to communicate through a curated GIF keyboard.

9. He participated in Ferguson Ocotober

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Jesse Williams doesn't just talk about the injustices that Black people receive in America, he actually goes out to protest. In October 2014, Jesse went to an event called Ferguson October. Protesters at this event called for justice in the death of Michael Brown.

10. He received the Humanitarian of the Year Award at the 2016 BET Awards

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Jesse Williams received the award for his dedication to social change. The speech that followed demonstrated just how much further we need to come to fix the injustices that Black people in America still face to this day.

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