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Sexy Or Ridiculous? Headpieces At Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Besides with the sexiest women alive, this year's Victoria's Secret fashion show will be definitely remembered by some weird headpieces as well ..

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11. The Grifter, starring Lily Donaldson

10. The Sexiest Doorman Alive - Adriana Lima

9. The Infant Leva Laguna

8. The Firefighter Cindy Bruna

7. Home Alone 6 starring Jessica Heart

6. The Disco Junkie Ming Xi

5. Police Officer Kasia Stuss

4. Ms. Snowflake Lindsay Ellingson

3. Uncle Sam played by Taylor Swift

2. Bohemian Rapsody with Lais Ribeiro

1. The Eiffel Tower Barbara Fialho

What do you think? Have the stylist gone wild with headpieces this year, or they look attractive enough to be worn by those gorgeous women?

Source: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images North America

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