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    31 Cats That Are Doing Halloween Better Than You

    We all love cats, don't we? News flash - these adorable fluffy creatures are masters of disguise. Who knew cats exceed us in so many things, other than fitting in a box? Take a look at 31 cats which are better at Halloween than you.

    With Halloween in just a few days, you are probably searching for the perfect costume. Here are some lovable cats to serve you as an inspiration.

    1. Sushi Roll Cat

    2. Geisha Cat

    3. Pirate Cat

    4. The Chiquita Banana Lady Cat

    5. Banana Cat

    6. Royal Cat

    7. Princess Leia

    8. Filet-o-Cat

    9. Lobster Cat

    10. Penguin Cat

    11. Oscar the Grouch

    12. Batman and the Joker

    13. The Scuba Diver

    14. Ancient Doll Cat

    15. Little Red Riding Hood

    16. Eeoyre Cat

    17. Pink Bunny Cat

    18. Mushroom Cat

    19. Taco Cat

    20. Bat(Cat)man

    21. Pilot Cat

    22. Totoro Cat

    23. Captain America

    24. Santa Cat

    25. Ninja Turtle Cat

    26. The Prisoners

    27. Sheriff Whiskers

    28. Bride Cat

    29. Super(Cat)man

    30. Super Mario Cat

    31. Easter Duck Cat

    The Cat Cat

    Which cat do you like the most?