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Then and Now: Detroit's Pfeiffer Brewery

I'm somehow fascinated with images of urban decay. I suppose Detroit's full of them. More cool abandoned brewery photos here.

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  • In its heyday

    Early 1900s. "The Pfeiffer Brewing empire was the brainchild of Conrad Pfeiffer, a German emigrant who started brewing his own beer in 1889. For the next 10 years Pfeiffers business flourished: Detroit was a hot-spot for breweries, and brewing innovation was on the rise. In addition, the beer business was tax-free, and Pfeiffer used the money he was raking in to build a stunning construction plant (which is now gone)."

  • And now

    Just another abandoned building in Detroit.

  • Interior

    Wonder if it could be converted into living space or a gallery or something. Doesn't look like it's in a very trafficked portion of the city, though. (If there is any.)