• West Park Asylum

    In Surrey (the U.K.), it’s the last of 11 asylums built to serve the London area. It wasn’t finished until after World War II and once housed 2,300 patients. Wasn’t empty until about 2003. Image: tuna baron/ Wikipedia Commons

  • Clothes and vacuum cleaners

    These vacuums could be the subject of a horror movie - they all start up in unison and suck people’s arms off or something. Very bloody. Maybe they have blades inside them, like lawn mowers. Shiver. Image: Carbon Nine/Carbon Nine/Flickr

  • Can’t you see the horror-movie potential here?

    Was that a greenhouse on the left? Image: Carbon Nine/Carbon Nine/Flickr

  • Decay is always creepy

    Even without the peeling paint and wallpaper, that bathroom is completely claustrophobic. Images: Benscamera.com