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My Cat Is... WTF? (Pic)

I wonder how that got there....

John B. • 8 years ago

Animals Riding Turtles

As the title says: Here are a bunch of videos of animals hitching rides on turtles and tortoises. Turtles, the public buses of the animal kingdom.

Dino Ignacio • 8 years ago

Julie Hanna - Bringing Humanity to Business, and Business to Humanity

Julie Hanna is a serial entrepreneur driven by her belief in information technology as a democratizing force for social, political and business disruption. She's chairwoman of the board for Kiva and a total badass. Just sayin'.

amyvernon • 8 years ago

Creepy Abandoned Asylums

Can you think of anything creepier than abandoned insane asylums? How many horror movies could be set in these places? Hat tip to NileGuide for posting this article that will haunt my dreams. They have pics from 10 others posted there, too.

amyvernon • 8 years ago

That Cat's a Bitch

She was a virgin. WAS!

amyvernon • 8 years ago

6 Of The Most WTF Products Found On Amazon

I guess there's a market for everything. Thanks to Your Amazon is Irrelevant for finding these.

idiotgrrl • 8 years ago

The United States of Shame

A graphic of every state and what they each ranked dead last in.

Peggy Wang • 8 years ago

Then and Now: Detroit's Pfeiffer Brewery

I'm somehow fascinated with images of urban decay. I suppose Detroit's full of them. More cool abandoned brewery photos here.

amyvernon • 8 years ago

The Darth Invader.

...Lets you feel the power of the darkside also Cuming soon: The Han Solo-Time Vibrator!

DarthVader • 8 years ago

5 Suggestive Old-timey Comics

It's amazing what taking a comic panel out of context will do.

amyvernon • 8 years ago

Schoolbus Bump

I believe I can fly!

Mr. BabyMan • 8 years ago
DarthVader • 8 years ago

OMG. Every Hotel Key Card Ever

You know it's happened to you every freakin' time. Or at least it feels that way.

amyvernon • 8 years ago

Woman Recreates 'The Last Supper' With Laundry Lint

She needed about 800 hours to do enough laundry to get the lint, and 200 hours to recreate the 14-foot-long, 4-foot tall mural.

amyvernon • 8 years ago

Japanese TSA Spoof

Even in another language, it's hilarious.

amyvernon • 8 years ago

Who's Scarier On the Roads? Teen Drivers Or Old Fogeys?

Turns out, the odds are close to even.

amyvernon • 8 years ago

The Meme-Face Story Of World War II

They should teach this in schools. (Via Afternoon Snooze Button.)

amyvernon • 8 years ago

Cats Sing In The New Year

Cats are celebrating the New Year too! Singing in unison to ring in 2011.

MelisBuzzFeed • 8 years ago

Cats Playing Patty-cake

If cats could talk, I'm pretty sure this is what they'd say.

amyvernon • 8 years ago