21 Indigenous-Owned Brands You’ll Love To Support And Wear Right Now

    I need every single one of these items in my life.

    Thanks to the wonders of social media, it has never been easier to support Indigenous-owned businesses — and with greater awareness of the need to seek out ethical, slow fashion, now is the time to bring pieces of wearable art into your life.

    Whether you’re First Nations, a non-indigenous ally or just someone looking for beautiful new threads for your wardrobe, these 21 Indigenous-owned brands are for you.

    1. Anindilyakwa Arts

    2. Saretta Art Design

    3. Clothing The Gap

    4. Haus Of Dizzy

    5. Ascension Magazine

    6. Yarli Creative

    7. Rachael Sarra

    8. Culture Weave

    9. Ginny's Girl Gang

    10. Gammin Threads

    11. Liandra Swim

    12. Dark and Disturbing

    13. Bush Medijina

    14. Aarli Fashion

    15. MAARA Collective

    16. Kirrikin

    17. Delvene Cockatoo-Collins

    18. BW Tribal

    19. Nungala Creative

    20. Earth Blended

    21. Ngarru Miimi

    Want more?

    You can head to the following sites to stay up to date on Indigenous fashion, and to find more Indigenous-owned businesses to support, head to Supply Nation, Trading Blak, First Nations Fashion Design and Australian Indigenous Fashion.