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    Posted on Nov 3, 2016

    Which Teach Abroad Program Is Right For You?

    Trying to decide which teach abroad program is right for you? Take this quiz and we can help you narrow it down!

    1. 1. How long do you want to teach abroad?

      CIEE TEFL Certification

      You have several options in regards to how long you want to teach abroad! Which is right for you?

    2. 2. You have the weekend off: which of these pictures will be on your camera roll?

      The world is your oyster.

    3. 3. Your ideal position in the classroom is:

      CIEE Teach Abroad
    4. 4. My students are:

    5. 5. You speak English, anything else?

      CIEE Teach Abroad
    6. 6. Your home looks like this:

      You have a lot of housing options. Which is ideal?

    7. 7. Your ideal salary/benefits are:

      CIEE Teach Abroad
    8. 8. How prepared are you to teach abroad?


      CIEE TEFL offers internationally accredited TEFL Certifications, so you can teach abroad with confidence.

    9. 9. My travel experience is:

    10. 10. My ideal experience abroad is:

    11. 11. When are you ready to change your life teaching abroad?

      CIEE Teach Abroad

      It's never too late!

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